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The Easy Methods to Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress In 2024

If you’ve hesitated to embed a YouTube video into your blog post or website, fear not; it’s simpler than you might think. In this guide, we elucidate straightforward techniques for seamlessly embedding YouTube videos into WordPress websites, ensuring a quick grasp of the process.

Given YouTube’s extensive viewership and the ease of uploading videos, utilizing it to reach your audience is more effective than relying solely on text or images. Uploading videos to YouTube also saves valuable storage space on your website. Here’s how you can effortlessly embed these videos into your WordPress site:

Method One: Paste the YouTube Video URL

The Easy Methods to Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress

The easiest approach is the one that involves pasting the YouTube video URL directly where you want the video displayed. WordPress automatically fetches and embeds the video, even in the older WordPress editor. Alignment options such as right, left, center, wide width, and full width are available here for customization.

Should you wish to replace the video, the ‘Edit’ option adjacent to the alignment button allows you to paste a new URL effortlessly.

Method Two: Utilize the YouTube Block

In the modern WordPress editor (Gutenberg), Blocks streamline embedding, and the ‘YouTube’ block in the library makes it even more convenient. Click ‘Add Block,’ search for ‘YouTube,’ click on it, and a dialogue box prompts you to enter the video link. Paste the link, click ‘Embed,’ and voila – your video is embedded.

Method Three: Embed Videos in the Sidebar

To showcase a YouTube video in the sidebar, employ the ‘text’ widget. In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to ‘Appearance,’ click ‘Widgets,’ locate your sidebar, add the ‘text’ widget, and paste the YouTube video URL. Save, and you now have a video in the sidebar.

Method Four: Using plugins

Embedding YouTube videos in WordPress becomes seamless with the help of advanced plugins. Let’s explore some of the best options:

1. YouTube by EmbedPlus

This plugin offers diverse customization options for embedded videos. With gallery capabilities, responsive designs, and user-friendly features, it stands out. The free version includes branding customization, live stream integration, and advanced gallery options. For a one-time payment of $19.99, the premium version offers lifetime access, automatic video SEO markup, and faster page loads.

Why Choose This Plugin:

– The free version covers basic needs.

– Affordable premium versions with a one-time payment.

– Robust customization options, including colors, sizes, and playback features.

2. WP YouTube Lyte For WordPress

Focused on optimizing website speed, WP YouTube Lyte lazy loads embedded YouTube videos. The plugin is entirely free and enhances overall performance, especially on pages with numerous videos. Using a small version of video thumbnails until clicked prioritizes efficient loading.

Why Choose This Plugin:

– Lightweight lazy loading for improved website performance.

– Complete the free version without upselling or add-ons.

– Optimized YouTube videos with shortcodes for easy placement.

3. Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

Ideal for creating visually appealing galleries without advanced design skills, this plugin supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and more. The free version provides customization tools, themes, and responsive galleries. The premium version, priced at $45, focuses on advanced gallery appearance adjustments.

Why Choose This Plugin:

– User-friendly gallery creation with themes.

-The free version includes customization tools.

– Supports various video sources and unlimited videos in galleries.

4. Feed Them Social

Taking a unique approach, this plugin allows you to showcase social video feeds, including YouTube, on your WordPress site. Facebook is covered by the free edition, and for an additional $50, users can purchase the premium version for more features and extensions.

Why Choose This Plugin:

– Displays feeds from various social media platforms, including YouTube.

– Customizable galleries with responsive design.

– Additional extensions available for creative displays.

5. YotuWP

A lightweight and straightforward plugin, YotuWP provides a minimalist design for embedding YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia videos. The free version caters to users seeking simplicity, while the $14 per year premium version offers enhanced features like carousel layouts and branding customization.

Why Choose This Plugin:

– Simple design suitable for beginners.

– Multiple gallery formats and source options.

– Affordable premium version with powerful customization tools.

Choose the plugin that aligns with your preferences and website requirements to seamlessly integrate and embed YouTube videos in WordPress.


These methods are user-friendly, enabling quick addition of YouTube videos without complications. Notably, these embedding techniques aren’t exclusive to YouTube; WordPress can auto-embed content from various platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and more.

While WordPress auto-embeds simplify the process, plugins offer additional customizations. Keep in mind that plugins are more intricate than the straightforward methods discussed here. If you have questions about video embedding in WordPress, feel free to ask in the comments – we’re here to assist.

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How can I quickly and easily integrate a YouTube video into WordPress?

There are two straightforward methods. First, you can simply paste the YouTube video URL where you want it displayed; WordPress will automatically embed it. Second, you can use the YouTube block in the modern editor (Gutenberg) for more customization options.

Can I replace a YouTube video once it’s embedded in WordPress?

Absolutely. If you change your mind or want to update the video, use the “Edit” option next to the alignment button. Paste the new YouTube video URL, and it seamlessly replaces the existing one.

Are there alignment options for embedded YouTube videos in WordPress?

Yes, in fact. WordPress offers customizable alignment options at the top of the video when embedding a YouTube video, including align left, align right, align center, and wide width.

Is it possible to embed YouTube videos in the WordPress sidebar?

Yes, you can. Use the ‘text’ widget in the WordPress dashboard under the “Appearance” tab. After pasting the YouTube video URL into the editor and saving it, the video will be embedded in the sidebar.

Is it possible for me to embed videos in WordPress that are not from YouTube?

Yes, WordPress supports auto-embedding from various sites, including Amazon, Vimeo, Facebook, and more. The process is similar, making it easy to integrate videos from different platforms into your WordPress website.

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