WordPress works great on almost any type of web hosting. You do not have much to demand if you’re just getting started. And for entrepreneurs, it is better to go scaling stages and acquiring the web hosting that you need.

But let’s talk a bit about how your WordPress page can be hosted in a traditional shared hosting.

 Your WordPress on Shared Web Hosting

Hosting your website in a classic shared hosting is a great way to get started with WordPress.

Shared hosting is a mature and generally very cheap solution. You can add multiple domains to a hosting service and almost all shared hosting solutions include a tool that makes it easy to install WordPress as the softaculous that is with which we rely on AQP incidentally.

In addition, most include email accounts that you can use with your domain, with options to add SSL certificates and many other options.

Some drawbacks?

Certainly, there are some drawbacks to shared hosting.

When you host your site in the shared hosting, you are literally sharing your server with many other users anywhere in the world, perhaps from 200 to 2000 like you, depending on the threshold set by your provider. In general, the lower the price the higher the number of users per server. So do not rely on prices that are very, very cheap.

If any of those other websites on the server starts to receive heavy traffic, all other sites on that server (including yours) will slow down.

In addition, you will share a single IP address. If another website goes into multiple email spam mode and goes blacklisted, guess what, your site gets the same reputation in the first instance and goes blacklisted until the hosting provider deletes the IP.

The same with DDoS attacks, if one of the sites on your shared IP is attacked, its impact on your website is almost certain.

Now what?

Better get a web hosting plan unique to WordPress. If a shared hosting had its advantages for WordPress imagine an exclusive hosting. Especially when you are in a stage of frank traffic growth.

To choose a plan from some provider and in general the market, you must consider the traffic you are receiving and how you stay transfer or broadband available month by month and lately.

There are cases that after 6 months, the bandwidth of your hosting plan is exhausted for the first time after 15 days.

You’re definitely not going to wait until the end of the month so your page is public again but you’ll have to pay an extra for more transfer and that’s not advisable.

Also, the WordPress hosting plan that suits you should be depending on the size of your company and if you need an email communication internally or with your customers higher than a number of corporate emails, choose the better solution.

Another aspect is your space that will occupy your website in WordPress. Most likely you have a blog inside, this will make your page dynamic but little by little will make your website more extensive and will require more space.

If you are in a dilemma about what WordPress hosting plan to acquire, we invite you to review our plans and taking with you these guidelines for your choice. Go ahead with online ventures!