Joomla vs WordPress: which one is the ideal CMS for you?

Learn about the features of the most popular content management systems!

Gone is the time to build and maintain professional websites and blogs in the air was unique work for experienced programmers and developers. This is because the CMS (Content Management System) facilitated the lives of people who manage personal and business web pages.

Among the many tools available, the best known is WordPress, which dominates 68% of the CMS market, as measured by Open Source CMS. Because of its popularity and large community formed, the tool has evolved and no longer just a platform for blogs, going to serve to manage digital magazines and corporate websites. Finally, sites that update content constantly. To get an idea, the portals of Forbes and USP use WordPress.

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Another popular CMS is Joomla, with an 11% market share – in second place. Launched in 2005, the platform is constantly evolving and already has more than ten versions.

Thus, is conquering its space. Porsche, Danone and the Ministry of Education (MEC)  are some examples of companies that have built their websites using Joomla.

When we talk about creating sites, in general, according to a survey of W3Techs, site monitoring technology metrics, 25% of sites are made with WordPress and Joomla with just 2.8%. The index appears low because little more than 57% of sites not using any CMS are made “by hand”, usually with HTML pages.

Now, leaving the numbers a little aside and talking about the technical part of WordPress and Joomla, they are similar because they based on PHP programming language that allows the creation of intuitive content.

They are also open source CMS, or you can create professional and customized layouts for different businesses without paying a dime for it. Finally, the two offer a universe of plugins that enhance and add functionality to websites.

Briefly, both WordPress and Joomla as a CMS are great choices. So choose one of the two is a decision that depends on the needs of your project and your skills. Remember that the two applications and as well as others can be hosted with Nestify.

Do you have a doubt as to which CMS is best for your project? See, then, the characteristics of each one to hit the hammer:


Being a powerful and robust system, Joomla is the ideal choice for more complex projects, those that require different features. You can set up the entire platform, you can create forums and exclusive pages for clients to log in and password, scheduled date and time for the input and output of the content, among other applications. Even, you can even turn your project into a social network.

At first, it is a difficult platform to navigate, so it’s not very advisable for those who are in the hurry to put a project into the air. If you have more time available, it is worth poking around and go slowly learning to move in Joomla.


On the other hand, for those in a hurry to put a project in the air, the best option is WordPress. This is because WordPress has a large number of advantages with a small learning curve. Everything is very organized and intuitive to do.

Like WordPress was launched with the initial goal of creating blogs, it remains the best platform for this purpose. Incidentally, for those who have e-commerce and would like to integrate` a blog, WordPress is the right choice.

Small business websites and targeted content can also opt for the platform. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), it has too many advantages.

Well, once again, the two managers are able to make large projects and solve users’ problems. Knowing what are its advantages and purposes, you can now choose the most compatible platform for your project.

And remember that regardless of your choice, you can count on the Nestify Hosting services.

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