The installation of WordPress from Softaculous can be done with a single click and is the best option because it saves our time that is highly valued and users that are not so trained in how to install WordPress, opt for the simple solution.

If you still want to install WordPress manually, we will show you how it can be done.

1. Create a new database

If you have not done so, you will have to create a database for your WordPress site. You can do this through cPanel, using the MySQL database wizard.

Just make sure that when creating the password of your database use, it has a strong password.

2. Download WordPress

To start with the installation of WordPress, you can download the software from

Once you have downloaded WordPress, unzip the downloaded file and find the wp-config-sample.php file. Open it with a text editor. In this file, you must enter all your new database credentials.

This is also the place where you will be able to change your security keys.

Change of keys

This helps to encrypt the login information stored in cookies. Basically, WordPress keys act as additional passwords to protect your site.

3. Change the default prefix of the database table

While editing your wp-config-sample.php file, you will also need to change your database table prefix.

By default, the prefix for tables in the WordPress database is wp_. Most fast installers do not change this prefix and many people out there know that this is the default prefix.

Change the wp_ to a prefix of your own choice. This can be whatever you want, which should only be followed by a hyphen:

4. Uploading files

You can do it from the cPanel but also from FTP. Do not forget the new file edited in the previous step.

5. Administrator user creation.

Do not forget to create a difficult username. Change the admin defined by default in the fast installers. The password must have many combinations of symbols, capital letters and be at least 10 characters which a bot cannot crack it.

The latest versions of WordPress help us in that regard.

6. Enable brute force protection in WordPress

With the iThemes Security plugin, you can add shielding against brute-force attacks. Brute force attacks occur when someone (or a bot) repeatedly tries multiple user and password combinations until they are able to access your site.

By default, there is no option in WordPress to block a user or an IP address after a certain number of login attempts. Users can try as many times as necessary until they get access.

With this plugin, you will determine how many attempts you will allow before you block it and for how much time you will be banned from accessing the site. You can also automatically block any user trying to log in with the administrator user name.

7. Finally, do not forget the backups:

Either from the cPanel from the option of backups, you can find them easily. It’s very simple. There are some other plugins for this action like Duplicator that are very efficient and that also allows you to make migrations of the site in a simple way.

What is your favorite way to install WordPress?