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Top 10 Dark Themes & A Guide to Implement Them Successfully

In recent years, dark theme design has gained popularity across various digital platforms, from mobile apps to websites and desktop software. Both Apple and Google have integrated a dark theme as a fundamental component of their user interfaces. Dark themes not only provide a sleek and modern aesthetic but also offer practical benefits such as reducing eye strain, conserving battery life on mobile devices, and creating a focused environment for users. 

However, designing an effective dark theme requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal usability and visual appeal. Read the tips below that will help you create an exceptional dark theme design. 

Best 10 Dark Themes 

Here are 10 of the best dark WordPress themes available:

  1. Divi Dark: 
divi dark themes

Divi Dark offers a sleek and elegant design with customizable features and layouts, perfect for various types of websites.

  1. Oshine Dark: 
oshine dark themes

Oshine Dark provides a modern and stylish dark theme with a focus on creative portfolio and photography websites featuring smooth animations and stunning visual elements.

  1. Astra Dark: 

Astra Dark WordPress theme is a lightweight and fast-loading dark theme suitable for blogs, portfolios, and business websites, offering flexibility and customization options.

  1. DarkNews Pro: 
dark themes

DarkNews Pro stands out as a sophisticated dark WordPress theme tailored for news, blogs, and magazine websites. Featuring a variety of free starter pages that are effortlessly importable with a single click, this theme facilitates the creation of a dynamic news portal. Boasting 9+ custom widgets and widget areas, DarkNews Pro offers complete widgetization, granting users full control over site content. Additionally, it offers both light and dark color modes, allowing users to enjoy articles and blog posts in a trendy fashion.

  1. Uncode Dark: 
uncode dark themes

Uncode Dark offers a sophisticated and professional dark theme suitable for creative agencies, portfolios, and corporate websites, featuring a clean and minimalist design.

  1. Hestia Pro: 
hestia pro dark themes

Hestia Pro stands as a chic multipurpose WordPress theme, featuring a pre-designed dark layout. Additionally, it offers specific dark templates tailored for gym, yoga, coffee shop, and restaurant websites. This theme provides seamless integration with drag-and-drop page builders such as Elementor Pro, simplifying the customization process for your website. Moreover, users can utilize the WordPress live customizer to effortlessly edit their website settings.

  1. Altitude Pro: 
altitude pro dark themes

Altitude Pro stands out as an exceptionally adaptable WordPress business theme featuring a dark background for added sophistication. The theme is equipped with essential features such as a built-in custom logo, header videos, image and video widgets, as well as support for featured images. Designed to enhance professionalism, Altitude Pro offers homepage sections dedicated to showcasing services and products effectively. Moreover, with comprehensive eCommerce support, users can effortlessly set up their online store and commence selling products with ease.

  1. Fargo: 
Fargo dark themes

Fargo presents itself as a WordPress theme tailored for wedding photography, featuring a dark aesthetic. Additionally, it caters to the needs of visual artists, photographers, graphic designers, and motivational speakers alike. This theme showcases a fullscreen image slider on the homepage, allowing users to present their most captivating photos in a stylish manner. With zoom-in and zoom-out effects, Fargo offers a cinematic experience that enhances engagement and visual impact.

  1. Salient Dark: 
Salient dark themes

Salient Dark offers a modern and stylish dark theme with a focus on visual impact and user experience, featuring smooth animations, parallax effects, and interactive elements for creative websites and portfolios.

  1. Auberge: 
Auberge dark themes

Auberge stands out as a top-tier free WordPress theme catering to restaurants and cafes, boasting a dark color scheme that can be easily customized via the theme customization options panel. Equipped with a header slideshow, customizable colors, and layout options, Auberge offers extensive flexibility to suit your branding needs. Furthermore, the theme is fully translation-ready and supports RTL languages, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for a diverse audience.

Tips to Successfully Implement Dark Themes

1. Contrast is Key 

dark themes

While dark backgrounds can enhance the visibility of content, it’s crucial to maintain sufficient contrast between text and background elements. Aim for a high enough contrast ratio to ensure readability, specifically for users with visual impairments. Utilize lighter shades for text, icons, and other interface elements to ensure they stand out against the dark background. Color contrast tools can help you in taking better decisions.  

2. Consistency in Color Palette 

dark themes

Establish a consistent color palette for your dark theme to maintain coherence throughout the interface. Choose colors that complement each other well and evoke the desired mood or brand identity. Consistency in color usage helps users navigate the interface seamlessly and creates a unified visual experience.

3. Optimize for Readability 

dark themes

Pay close attention to typography and text legibility in your dark theme design. Select fonts that are easy to read on a dark background and ensure adequate spacing between characters and lines. Avoid using overly thin or light fonts, as they may become difficult to discern against a dark backdrop. Additionally, consider offering users the option to adjust text size and font settings to accommodate individual preferences.

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4. Mindful Use of Shadows and Highlights

Shadows and highlights play a fundamental role in guiding user attention and providing depth to the interface. When designing a dark theme, use subtle shadows and highlights strategically to create hierarchy and emphasis without overpowering the overall aesthetic. Avoid excessive use of drop shadows, as they can detract from the sleekness of the dark theme.

5. Customizable Settings 

Provide users with the ability to customize the darkness or brightness of the theme to suit their preferences. Some users may prefer a slightly lighter or darker background, depending on factors such as ambient lighting conditions or personal preference. Offering switching options allows users to tailor the theme to their liking and enhances their overall experience.

6. Accessibility Considerations 

dark themes

                                             Source: UXPlanet

Ensure that your dark theme design is accessible to all visitors and even to those with visual impairments. Consider implementing features such as high contrast modes, color inversion options, and adjustable text sizes to accommodate diverse user needs. Google Material Design suggests maintaining a minimum contrast level of 15.8:1 between the text and the background. Fix usability problems and address any accessibility issues.

7. Use “on” Colors

dark themes

Use “On” colors for text, which are specifically chosen hues intended for use atop components and primary surfaces commonly utilized for textual content.

In dark theme design, the default “on” color often defaults to pure white (#FFFFFF). However, this stark white can create visual dissonance against dark backgrounds. To address this issue, Google Material Design recommends opting for a slightly darker shade of white:

  • High-emphasis text should be assigned an opacity of 87%.
  • Medium emphasis text typically adopts a 60% opacity.
  • Disabled text is subdued with an opacity of 38%.

A useful tip: Text presented in lighter tones against a dark backdrop may appear more pronounced compared to its dark-on-light counterpart. Therefore, consider utilizing lighter font weights when crafting designs for dark mode.

8. Consider the Emotional Visibility Aspect

When considering the design of a dark theme for an existing app, the instinct may be to convey the same range of emotions as in the light mode. However, it’s advisable to avoid this approach. Why? Because colors are perceived differently based on their background. This fundamental difference means that a dark theme inherently communicates differently from its light counterpart. Consequently, dark and light themes will invariably evoke distinct emotions. Rather than attempting to rectify this disparity, it’s more advantageous to embrace it for your product’s identity.

9. Test Across Devices and Environments

Dark theme designs may appear differently across various devices, screen sizes, and viewing environments. Test your dark theme thoroughly across multiple devices and platforms that ensure consistency and optimal performance. Pay attention to how the theme renders in both light and dark environments, and make adjustments as necessary to ensure a seamless experience.

By following these tips, you can create a dark theme design that not only looks visually appealing but also enhances user experience and usability. Whether you’re designing a mobile app, website, or software interface, incorporating these principles will help you create a dark theme that users love to engage with.


Embracing dark themes can significantly enhance the visual appeal, user experience, and accessibility of your website or application. By following the tips and tricks provided in this guide, you can effectively implement dark themes while ensuring readability, contrast, and usability. Additionally, exploring our top 10 selection of dark themes can provide valuable inspiration and resources for your next project. 


Are dark themes suitable for all types of websites?

While dark themes are well-suited for certain types of websites, such as photography portfolios, gaming platforms, and news portals, they may not be ideal for every website. Consider your target audience, brand identity, and content type when deciding whether to implement a dark theme.

Will a dark theme affect my website’s performance?

Generally, dark themes do not significantly impact website performance. However, it’s essential to optimize images, minimize code bloat, and implement efficient design practices to ensure optimal performance regardless of the theme’s color scheme.

Are there any SEO considerations when implementing a dark theme?

Implementing a dark theme should not negatively impact your website’s SEO if done correctly. Ensure that text remains readable, meta tags and structured data are appropriately implemented, and images are optimized for search engines. Additionally, monitor your website’s performance and make adjustments as needed to maintain SEO best practices.

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