How to optimize website performance developed in WordPress

It is not a very big challenge to keep your site fast. Proper optimization can improve the performance without any revisions and implementations in your WordPress.

Periodic care can not only help in performance but also in SEO and site indexing in search engines like Google and others.

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Meet bottlenecks to optimize WordPress performance

Knowing the causes of poor platform performance and who are the villains that make site slow is the first step towards improving the user experience through the speed of your website. The response speed of a website is one of the ranking criteria of major search engines, so having a slowly loading website is strategically a nightmare for your SEO and digital marketing team. Find out the main reasons that are slowing down the website, fix these flaws and keep the focus on optimizing performance and maintain the security of your WordPress.

How do I know if I need to optimize the performance of my WordPress site?

The first and main symptom that your WordPress site needs a turbo charge is the delay in page load (even if the connection is good). Even without noticing this change in response to open pages, it is good to periodically check the speed of your site, the more the site receive new publications, implementations and changes, closer should be the dates to perform analysis.

And now, what should I do to optimize the performance of my site?

It is a matter of attention and continuous care, if the site has not been reviewed for a long time, probably you will need to do a lot of work to optimize its performance, involving a number of tools, plugins and certainly processes for use of all.

Basically the performance of all sites is based on three pillars: infrastructure, technology, and content. With the infrastructure, we must look at the service and how the hosting services formatted, the response time of a server accounts for site speed. The technology deals with regard to software and the additions that need to be made.

WordPress has no problem with performance since the project developer does not use unusable resources beyond software, plugins, and themes. So make sure you have the clean HTML code, get rid of large images and always monitor the performance of your website.

Do you know any trick to optimize performance?

Of course, it has many tricks, but as shortcuts are not always the best way. The recommendation is to choose the right WordPress Hosting Provider for your project.


There are no secrets when it comes to optimization of WordPress performance, the best is to understand how and why it is important to keep the WordPress website optimized, make periodic care a regular task. It is a simple and very important task that needs to be on your calendar or to-do list.