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Getting Started with Joomla – Recommended CCK Extensions

Joomla is an excellent content manager and by using its extensions, we can add more features to this CMS and improve its functionality. We analyze your powerful extensions, also known as Content Construction Kit, or CCK, which allow us to customize our web project developed in Joomla and add new features easily, like a blog, an online store or a directory.

In the ecosystem of extensions for Joomla, you will find components, modules or plugins. You can browse and download them from the official Joomla Extension Directory. In this article, we will focus on the so-called CCK (Content Construction Kit) which is powerful, able to implement the needs of entire sites and modify Joomla in a comprehensive manner.

The CCK meets the most demanding needs of customizing Joomla. When something in the basic installation of Joomla is not possible, a CCK should use so that you can extend the “core” of the CMS to add new operations significantly.

With CCK, different types of projects can be executed. So here are some classifications of building kits divided by areas and needs.


K2: In this case, we recommend an extension that not only allows Joomla to add a blog to your website but it also offers many fantastic benefits for any type of website. An extension that is free for download and allows you to convert your Joomla in a news site, magazine or blog for publishing articles, able to maintain different author profiles, products, catalogs, etc. According to its creators, it will bring the best parts of WordPress or Drupal to Joomla.


If you want to build an eCommerce site with Joomla, you can find many excellent extensions that can be used to set up an online store. It is difficult to recommend just one, so we decided to share the leading alternatives.

Virtuemart: A great eCommerce solution available for Joomla. Fully customizable and comes with an endless number of configuration options. Not only that, it has a family of additional extensions that allow greater customization and improved functionality. Virtuemart is able to compete with CMS specialized in eCommerce such as Prestashop. Anything that you need can be easily integrated with the free add-ons, or sometimes paid.

ZOOcart: The entire ecosystem of ZOO extensions contains everything that is needed to implement an eCommerce website. It is a little easier than Virtuemart alternative and allows you to make the best of Joomla. You can make almost any type of project you might need.


SobiPro: If you need to make a directory of anything or even a multi-directory, the best solution is SobiPro. It is an excellent extension that allows you to create restaurants, real estate properties, community member directories or nearly whatever you can think of. It facilitates the organization of the elements of the directory with a wide range of utilities and high customization.

What else you need if you customize your web project with Joomla?

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