Free Google tools that help your WordPress in 2020

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WordPress is not only the most used CMS but also the one that has many tools that help your add-on.

But there are many free Google tools to manage an online business regardless if you use WordPress or another CMS and this makes if you already have WordPress you can count not only on the thousands of add-ons that exist but also the ones offered by Google that you can use with your page.

Here we only mention these popular 3 that maybe you are not yet taking advantage of

Google Search Console

It’s a free Google service previously known as Webmaster Tools or webmaster tools. This tool allows you to control the look of your site in Google’s search results and track the terms used by your public on Google to get to your site.

Many novice users confuse Google Analytics with Google Search Console. There is a good reason for this confusion: both services are provided by Google, and one can integrate into Google Analytics. However, if you have just started with this tool, you need to configure it separately from your Analytics account.

Googles search Console provides a wealth of information about the search terms that bring your visitors to your site or Blog. You can sort the data to see how your site performs for each search term based on the number of clicks, number of impressions, clickthrough rate, and average position in the search engines. You can also filter results by landing page, search source country, device, and search type (the web, video, or image).

Google Analytics (GA)

It is a free service that you can use to find out a lot about the traffic of your WordPress site. If you’ve never set up GA before, it really is not that hard and you can tell us what kind of content generated is the one that most time and interest arouses in your visitors.

This is great because it allows us to know what kind of content is best in a more objective way.

You can use Google Analytics to help you identify your best content by finding the content with the longest average time on the page and the lowest rebound rate.

This tool can be configured in your WordPress through a tracking code that will dump the data of your page in the GA panel.

Google Forms

This tool is part of Google Drive that serves us to have space in the cloud to save files and have them available on any site using an internet connection.

Within Google Drive, there is a tool that allows you to create surveys that you can embed in your WordPress page or in your email campaigns to know how your customers or potential customers see your brand, what product satisfies them the most, what suggestions would help us to improve and those questions that people can answer and help you be more successful in launching products as well as promoting them.

All of these 3 free Google tools out of the hundreds you provide are free and you can start taking advantage of them now.

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