How to Get Event-Based WordPress Notification In Slack

Slack serves as a messaging tool that finds widespread use within various organizations. It’s no surprise that users often seek functionalities such as event-based WordPress notifications on Slack. Additionally, it allows users to share crucial files among themselves.

Furthermore, you have the capability to establish both private and public channels (or groups) dedicated to distinct teams or projects. This feature proves invaluable in enhancing the organization of your work.

By linking your WordPress website to Slack, you stand to boost your overall productivity. This connection facilitates the delivery of notifications to you and your team regarding significant events occurring on your website.

Why You Should Consider Integrating Slack with WordPress

Slack serves as an invaluable tool for fostering organized and secure communication within your team. When you integrate Slack with your WordPress site, you gain the ability to receive notifications for various activities occurring on your WordPress platform.

It’s essential to note that this integration isn’t limited to the core WordPress functions alone. Thanks to the Uncanny Automator plugin, you can also establish connections between various WordPress plugins and Slack, enabling you to receive crucial notifications directly on your Slack account.

Here are some practical scenarios in which integrating Slack with your WordPress site can be beneficial:

  1. Real-time Alerts for WooCommerce Sales: Get instant notifications when a customer makes a purchase on your WooCommerce-powered e-commerce site.
  2. Membership Management Made Easy: Get updates on user registrations and cancellations, helping you manage memberships effectively.
  3. Monitor eLearning Progress: Stay updated when users complete lessons or courses on your eLearning platform, powered by LearnDash, LearnPress, LifterLMS, or MasterStudy LMS.
  4. Seamless Mailing List Updates: Stay on top of your email marketing efforts by receiving notifications when someone joins your MailChimp or ActiveCampaign mailing list.
  5. Event and Webinar Registrations: Keep track of users registering for webinars or events on your WordPress site.

This integration can significantly enhance your team’s communication and workflow efficiency.

Integrating WordPress with Slack Using The WP Slack Plugin


While Slack is a robust platform for team collaboration, a significant portion of work activities occur outside the application. This is where the Slack API comes into play, offering the flexibility to integrate external services through the addition of Incoming WebHooks. 

Given that WordPress powers more than 43% of the world’s websites, it is crucial to establish a seamless method for importing notifications from WordPress sites into Slack. 

This is precisely where the WP Slack plugin, crafted by Akeda Bagus, a developer associated with X-team, shines. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this integration tool and its diverse functionalities.

WP Slack Plugin Capabilities

The WP Slack plugin is designed to dispatch Slack notifications based on several fundamental events:

  • Post Review Notifications: Slack can be alerted when a post transitions to the ‘pending’ status, indicating a need for review.
  • Post Publication Alerts: Notifications can be triggered in Slack when a post is published, ensuring timely updates are communicated.
  • New Comment Notifications: The plugin can notify Slack of new comments, promoting engagement and collaboration among team members.

Additionally, the plugin offers a ‘slack_get_events‘ filter, empowering users to include additional events, thus extending its functionality. The documentation even provides a practical example of creating a new event that informs Slack when a user logs in:

add_filter( 'slack_get_events', function( $events ) {

    $events['user_login'] = array(

        'action' => 'wp_login',

        'description' => __( 'When user logged in', 'slack' ),

        'message' => function( $user_login ) {

            return sprintf( '%s is logged in', $user_login );



    return $events;

} );

Simple Configuration

Setting up WP Slack within the WordPress admin interface is straightforward. After configuring the webhook with Slack, you simply paste it into the Service URL field when setting up an integration. 

Slack integration

The plugin allows you to establish multiple integrations, directing notifications to different channels as needed. 

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to temporarily deactivate notifications and reactivate them at your convenience. To ensure seamless functionality, the plugin enables you to send a test notification upon completing the integration setup.

wp Notification

Expanding Capabilities with Extensions:

Akeda Bagus, the developer behind WP Slack, has also developed a suite of free extensions that enhance its functionality. These extensions, designed to trigger Slack notifications based on events initiated by other plugins, include:

  • Slack EDD: Keep your team informed about new orders on an Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)-powered store.
  • Slack WooCommerce: Stay updated on new orders in a WooCommerce-powered online store.
  • Slack Contact Form 7: Receive notifications for inquiries from your site’s Contact Form 7.
  • Slack Gravity Forms: Get instant alerts for submissions made through Gravity Forms on your website.

It’s important to note that each of these extensions requires the installation of the core Slack plugin to function seamlessly.

Final say

The Slack plugin ecosystem for WordPress, led by WP Slack, offers a potent means of integrating Slack with your WordPress-powered website. This integration not only enhances communication but also streamlines collaboration and workflow management. With a robust set of features and the ability to customize notifications for various events, WP Slack is a valuable tool for businesses and teams using WordPress.

FAQs on Integrating Slack with WordPress Notification

1. Is the WP Slack plugin compatible with all WordPress installations?

Yes, the WP Slack plugin is designed to work seamlessly with self-hosted WordPress installations, providing a versatile solution for integrating Slack with your website.

2. Can I set up multiple Slack integrations for different purposes?

Absolutely! WP Slack allows you to establish multiple integrations, enabling you to send notifications to different Slack channels for various events or purposes.

3. Are there plans to add support for Outgoing Webhooks in the WP Slack plugin?

While the plugin author hasn’t officially announced plans for this feature, it could be a valuable addition in the future. Outgoing Webhooks would enable WordPress to retrieve information from Slack based on public triggers, opening up intriguing possibilities for automation and interaction between the two platforms.

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