6 extensions for Joomla that your website needs to have in 2020

Did you start building your website using Joomla as a CMS (Content Management System)? So you probably already know that it is a very powerful and robust platform. It is possible to create forums, blogs, corporate sites and even an online store or a social network with Joomla. It is no coincidence that the Joomla […]

Getting Started with Joomla – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2020

As we have seen on numerous occasions, to have a good web positioning, SEO is key. A page with a good position to be able to differentiate yourself, include compelling content to the user and maintain a good structure that facilitates navigation. In addition to these two basic premises, today we have different tools that […]

Joomla Advanced – Create Custom Extensions

When we are working with Joomla, we get a complete ecosystem and ready to use extensions that are useful for many things. However, we do not always find what we want, or what a client needs. It also happens that sometimes we find that extensions have a mode of operation that is not what interests […]

Getting Started with Joomla – Recommended CCK Extensions

Joomla is an excellent content manager and by using its extensions, we can add more features to this CMS and improve its functionality. We analyze your powerful extensions, also known as Content Construction Kit, or CCK, which allow us to customize our web project developed in Joomla and add new features easily, like a blog, […]

First steps in Joomla – Most recommended extensions

There are about 10,000 extensions in Joomla, and its growth is increasing gradually. Then offer a selection of free or paid extensions which is worth trying because it will facilitate many tasks (eCommerce, Backup, calendars, anti-spam management …). VirtueMart When you integrate eCommerce on Joomla using VirtueMart, you get the most advanced (and also the […]

Getting Started with Joomla! – Installation and configuration

Joomla Installation and configuration

After finishing our series First steps in WordPress , now we begin a new serial, centered on the powerful content management system Joomla. Speaking about Joomla, we refer to one of the best CMS (Content Management System) for general purpose: powerful, versatile and a great community behind. It is used on millions of websites, including […]

Joomla vs WordPress: which one is the ideal CMS for you?

Learn about the features of the most popular content management systems! Gone is the time to build and maintain professional websites and blogs in the air was unique work for experienced programmers and developers. This is because the CMS (Content Management System) facilitated the lives of people who manage personal and business web pages. Among […]

WordPress, Joomla or Drupal: Which is the best CMS for websites?

Once you have registered a domain and choose the ideal hosting, you need to define how you will build your web page. For simple projects, such as more specific and customized portfolios or pages, a viable option is to use a content management system called CMS. Make your WordPress site’s Load Blazing Fast Just by […]