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Best YouTube Channels To Follow To Learn Programming

You learn about a new programming language every day as it enters the market and gains notoriety for its novel features. Introducing new technologies and making them workable for the commercial world is what the web world is all about. 

You must continue learning every day if you want to stay competitive in this field, which is constantly expanding. You can find a variety of resources to learn these programming languages, including blogs, guides, ebooks, the best YouTube channels, and many other forms of media. 

The most popular option for those who are new to this field and want to learn the languages through hands-on practice is a YouTube channel. More than 1.8 billion users have registered on the platform, and every day, 5 billion videos are streamed there. More than 300 hours of HD videos are regularly uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds, according to statistics, boosting its already enormous video library.

Top YouTube Channels To Follow For Coding 

  1. CS Dojo 

YK Sugi hosts the channel CS Dojo. He started out as a Google software engineer and is now a viral video star where he teaches others what he has learned along the way. There are 1.85 million people who follow his channel and gain knowledge from his videos each and every day. 

There are currently 9 playlists available on YK Sugi’s channel. The range of technical issues he addresses in these videos is impressive, spanning from tutorials on dynamic programming to advice on getting started with coding.

Youtube Channels of CS Dojo

Here are some popular video topics for beginners and intermediate programmers. 

The videos mentioned above are just a few of many that can help beginners get started. You can improve your job prospects and interview skills with the help of CS Dojo’s many other videos. 

  1. Academind 

Beautifully designed by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz of Academind, the course has become a staple of one of the most popular YouTube channels among coders and programmers. Since its inception in 2015, Max and Manuel have used this channel to instruct students on all aspects of web development. 

On their channel, Max and Manuel cover a wide range of topics, from brief introductions to in-depth crash courses. Furthermore, they discuss current coding industry developments in terms of skills, software, etc. Visit their Academind page for a plethora of additional learning opportunities. 

Academind has something for everyone who wants to learn a technical language, be it JavaScript, Node.js, or another programming language. Programmers of all experience levels can find useful information and resources on this channel.


Some popular courses on Academind:

  1. Derek Banas 

Although Derek Banas welcomes discussion on any topic on his channel, he specializes in web, mobile, and desktop development. Mentoring or coaching his students, Derek Banas uses an interesting and inventive method. 

Derek Banas is one of the most popular programming channels on YouTube, with 1.19 million subscribers. His videos go viral because his unconventional and entertaining teaching style helps viewers grasp concepts quickly. 

In addition, Derek has some great videos on his YouTube channel that explain the fundamentals of programming to someone who is just getting started. He has covered a wide range of topics, including algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, etc., to ensure a thorough understanding. 

Derek Banas

Some excellent videos for programmers on Derek Banas are:

  1. LevelUpTuts 

Ben Schaaf and Scott Tolinski run the Level Up Tutorials, also known as LevelUpTuts. Ben and Scott host a channel where they teach people how to code and build websites. 

The channel features both in-depth courses for experienced programmers and shorter videos that are useful for beginners. This site offers over a thousand free videos covering a wide range of subjects, from web development to software tutorials.


Some essential courses on LevelUpTuts:

  1. freeCodeCamp

The original freeCodeCamp was a non-profit with the same mission: to provide free education in computer programming to anyone who wants it. Additionally, they maintain a channel on YouTube where they regularly upload video lessons on various programming and coding languages. 

With over 6.01 million subscribers, freeCodeCamp’s channel is among the most popular among computer scientists and web designers. There are numerous technology-related classes available, both for newcomers and seasoned experts. 

If you want to learn how to code, but don’t have time for a traditional college course, FreeCodeCamp is an excellent YouTube channel that can do the job. If you’re interested in learning to code but can’t afford expensive online courses, FreeCodeCamp is a great alternative. 

Most of the videos on this channel are several hours long and cover the fundamentals of using various programming languages. Tutorials like these make it easy to become proficient in languages like Python and Java, which are widely used for beginning programmers.

In addition, they offer free courses to anyone interested in programming, whether as a career or a hobby.


Some popular videos of courses are:

  1. Life of Luba

Luba Yudasin, an exceptional YouTuber and a former software engineer, created and runs Life of Luba. She has held the positions of product manager and chief of staff at both Airbnb and Yelp. Luba is currently devoted to her community and our YouTube channel. 

Luba maintains a YouTube channel where she regularly posts instructional and inspiring videos about various technological topics. These video lessons draw from her extensive expertise in the subject. Some of these classes will also help you ace that interview and land a great job.

Life of Luba

Beneficial courses on Life of Luba:

  1. The Net Ninja

In 2023, The Net Ninja is widely regarded as a premier resource for programming tutorials on YouTube. You can find programming tutorials for all skill levels on this YouTube channel. Moreover, it offers a number of playlists made with the student’s needs in mind. 

In order to better comprehend the students, this playlist is broken down into more general categories of programming. If you’re interested in learning Node.js, for instance, there’s a Node.js course playlist that covers the language in depth, from the absolute basics all the way up to the most advanced techniques.

The Net Ninja

Some critical topics on The Net Ninja:

  1. Treehouse

Treehouse’s YouTube channel is where you should start if you have no prior experience with computer programming. Access to Treehouse, an online learning platform with coding courses, requires a paid subscription. But for free, you can learn the fundamentals of computer programming through their channel on YouTube. 

Approximately 357 thousand people are subscribed to Treehouse’s channel on YouTube. In addition to coding tutorials, this channel also features a wealth of informational material on web design, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and related languages.


Some popular videos from this channel are:

  1. Edureka

Edureka is a digital learning hub that features lectures, sample classes, and webinars taught by experts in their fields. Blockchain, AI, Big Data & Hadoop, DevOps, Data Science, Apache Spark, Python, Angular, Android, Selenium, Tableau, PMP certification, AWS Architect, Digital Marketing are just some of the topics they cover on their YouTube Channel.


Top three most-watched videos:

  1. Telusco

The tutorials at Telusco’s Youtube channel are available for free and range from beginner to advanced. They also host online sessions with leaders in the technology industry and provide motivational videos. They focus on cutting-edge technologies such as Python, Android, Blockchain, REST API, JavaScript, Kotlin, Scala, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Networking, and more.


Top three most-watched videos:


Programming can be a creative and fun activity, and YouTube offers many resources to help coders learn in an engaging and enjoyable way. You must continue learning every day if you want to stay competitive in this field, which is constantly expanding. You can find a variety of resources to learn these programming languages, including blogs, guides, ebooks, the best YouTube programming channels, and many other forms of media. 


Can you recommend any free resources where I can learn to code on the web? 

If you’re interested in learning how to code quickly in any language, you can do so with zero financial outlay by consulting the top-ranked YouTube channels in the field. 

Could I use YouTube videos to teach myself Python?

It’s true that watching videos on YouTube to master Python is now the best option. We have high hopes for what this new medium can do for the field of computer programming instruction. Many excellent Python channels can be found on YouTube; all you have to do is locate the one that best meets your needs. 

Can you get useful skills from YouTube courses? 

Programmers, software engineers, and web developers are the ones in charge of the various programming channels. You can rely on these advisors to help you land a position with a prestigious IT firm and excel in your role there. 

Can I trust the videos on YouTube to help me learn how to code? 

Learning how to code is just one of many subjects that can be studied on YouTube, which is the most trusted and reliable platform. Here you will find the brightest stars and rising stars from every field, all eager to share their knowledge and help others advance in their studies.

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