7 Free WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Blogging Productivity

You might say WordPress plugins are our soft spot :). We have to try them all, try out different layouts, play with the code behind, and then eventually uninstall them due to their impact on performance. However, some plugins are definitively a must and today we are sharing here top 7 most favorite ones that helped us to boost the blogging productivity.

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So, here are 7 WordPress plugins that have done wonders for our productivity, saving our time and energy. How so? They’re uncommonly easy to work with on both the front and the back end of WordPress and we don’t have to deal with coding. We call that a win.

1: WooCommerce

When we think of the best WordPress plugin for ecommerce sites, it’s not a long ponder. WooCommerce offers feature after feature, making it unbelievably easy to setup an online store. At the same time, its front-end design is extremely light and simple for customers to use.

However, if you are setting up an ecommerce site that’s a little more comprehensive, you might need to purchase addons. But this plugin by itself is completely free.

2: Jetpack

If you’re just starting up a new blog — or you’re a WordPress newbie — then one of THE first plugins you absolutely need to download is Jetpack. It won’t cost you a dime, and it’s got all the goodies — from social media widgets to a backend spelling and grammar checker. Usually WordPress includes it with the installation, but we felt it would be a crime not to mention this highly useful tool.

3: SEO by Yoast

It’s SEO, done right. Yoast was able to combine a vast array of features into this plugin that will have your site crawler optimized in no time. This is basically a ‘must have’ for WordPress bloggers nowadays, and because it’s free — it’s just a no-brainer.

4: Starbox

Say, for instance, you’re running a WordPress -powered blog with multiple authors. Well, with Starbox, not only you can provide a comprehensive author bio at the end of each post, but it will also include social media buttons and compression menus for a sleek minimalist design.

Also, let’s not forget that it comes with an author-centric SEO overhaul, meaning that your site’s author bios are going to get picked up by Google.

5: HS Social Buttons by Helios Solutions

We were skeptical at first that this particular plugin was a freebie, but much to our glee it was.

HS Social Buttons takes your social web networking an additional step further by providing a featherweight responsive design platform that is wonderfully aesthetic. It’s also super easy to use in your WP dashboard.

6: AddToAny

Yes, perhaps we are simply adding to the ‘social button fad’, but we just couldn’t help but include another plugin like the last. AddToAny has been a showstopper for us in the recent past, simply because it’s just so incredibly easy to get those buttons into just about anything.

AddToAny comes furnished with more social networks than we can count. If they don’t have it, then you probably won’t need it.

7: PhotoDropper

The pros are finding out that, statistically, attaching pictures translates to higher engagement and better traffic. But, if you’ve seen the prices on Shutterstock lately, there’s no way those photos are going to be a regular addition to our posts.

This is one reason why PhotoDropper is an amazing tool, because it scours the creative commons section of Flickr, keeps you from navigating from your WP dash and finds the best free pictures money can buy —without actually using money.

We hope these 7 plugins will help you boost your blogging productivity and get creative in WordPress! If you have a favorite plugin that you think should also be on this list, let us know!


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