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What’s the scope of Nestify’s fully managed service?

We handle all the technical aspects of WordPress Hosting including the updates to WordPress core and plugins. We work to keep WordPress Fast, secure, maintained and backed up. For this, we provide our blazingly fast platform, regular security scans with advanced DDoS and Malware Protection, continuous maintenance so you don’t have to suffer unexpected shutdown and automatic daily backups at Amazon S3 with 1-click restore.  The things that set us apart from others include:

  • Easy to get started with Nestify console
  • WordPress can be deployed with 3 clicks
  • No need to wait for DNS propagations, setting up databases or picking strong passwords Everything you need to access and manage the CMS is displayed securely on the dashboard
  • Developer friendly and customizable
  • With SSH access, Git push support and CLI tools, you can control every aspect of your code
  • No blocking of any plugins, themes or features from any CMS

To know more about how Nestify can meet your needs, resolve any queries or doubts you have, do get in touch with us. We would love to answer your every query.

Updated on May 11, 2019

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