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How To Generate Backup

At Nestify, we provide daily backups for your site. Still, you may choose to back up your site when you are pushing major changes to your site or when you just need to take a manual backup. This tutorial explains how you can generate the backup.


Let’s get started.


Step 1:

Locate the Backups tab on the side menu. ( It is just below Redirect Rules and just above the Cache tab)


Step 2:

Once you click on “Backup”, a “Create a new backup” screen will appear.

Enter a name for your backup.


Step 3:

Once the naming is done, click on the “Create a New Backup” button.

Now the Backup Process will start.

Step 4:

Once Backup is successful, Nestify provides you three options to choose from:

  1. Create Archive
  2. Restore
  3. Restore on another site

1. With the Create Archive option, you can create a zip file of your backup which you can download.

2. The Restore option will restore the backup to your site.

You will get a confirmation pop up when you try to restore the backup.

3. With the Restore on another site option, you will be able to restore this backup on another site of your choosing.

This is how you can generate backup.

Updated on May 7, 2019

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