Visitors, customers. It’s all about them, isn’t it? When creating a WordPress website or a WooCommerce virtual store, your most important target is your audience.

Would not it be magical to know what your visitors think when they visit your WordPress website? What do they like, what do not they find interesting, what is more attractive, and what makes them change their minds? Thinking reading would be a very useful skill, don’t you think?

Well, maybe magic and super capabilities are not the means to have this information, but rather the use of tools that are available online.

Yes! There are a few ways you can better check and understand the behavior of visitors to your WordPress site. Maybe you will not be able to read the thoughts, but you’ll get as close as you can.

Too bad, isn’t it?

In today’s article, we’ll show you some tools you can use to increase your understanding of your customers and potential customers. We’ll show you here from a more accurate analysis until you find out where your visitor clicked.

Are you curious? So let’s go!

Why is it important to understand the behavior and needs of your target audience?

Understand the behavior of visitors to your WordPress site

Think of it this way: All the people who come to your site or look for your virtual store and its products, are trying to find something, right?

Giving them a good experience is a key to getting them on your site. That’s why it’s important to build an intuitive site that ensures your visitor finds everything they need to find without much complication.

Having said that, understanding the behavior and needs of your visitor while he is on your site is key so that you can give him a good experience and thus gain attention and turn him into your client.

Your visitor’s behavior can be analyzed in different ways.

Here we suggest 3 practical tools for you to understand how people behave when they enter your WordPress website:

1 – Google Analytics

The first tip is Google Analytics. We talked a lot about this tool here on our blog because besides being extremely useful, it is one of the most popular for website analysis.

The results you can capture can be applied in many different ways. Even in the identification of behavior.

Want to know how? With it, you can:

  • Identify who your audience is – geographic location, age group and what devices they use to access your content;
  • Learn how people discover your site – social media, organic search, sponsored ads;
  • Identify which area of your WordPress is most visited and time spent by visitors;
  • Know what your visitors are doing on your site – whether they fill out a form, read a specific number of pages, make a purchase.

With the help of Google Analytics, you get extremely valuable data that help you to profile your visitor, as well as clarify which parts of your site have worked the most.

Understand the behavior of visitors to your WordPress site - Google Analytics

2 – HeatMap

Wondering where your visitor’s mouse goes when it comes to your WordPress site? This plugin will help you to know this.

Yes! Perhaps this is the most interesting tracking tool since it shows real-time analysis of which areas of your site has attracted the most attention.

Literally a heat map, the plugin will help you to know what contents are making more success, indicating through the location of your visitor’s mouse.

With it you not only have a clear reading of how visitors behave, but you can also use to streamline traffic flow and significantly reduce exit rates.

WordPress - Heat Map Understand the behavior of visitors to your site

3 – Online Chat

Having installed a chat button on your WordPress website so that your client can communicate is not only a useful resource but also, practical for you to accurately understand the need of your visitor.

After all, starting from it, it gets much easier, doesn’t it?

With a real-time chat, you show that you are available to your customer at the time he needs it.

One of the tools available among the many that exist for chat is Tawk To. A free chat application that allows you to monitor and talk with your visitor on your site or on a custom page.


Now that you have some handy tools in hand, you are sure to be able to better understand the behavior of your visitors!

We’ve brought you 3 examples of tools that will help you identify behavior whether through analysis data or mouse tracking or even having a direct contact channel with your visitor.

Nothing like understanding your customer more deeply in order to increase your sales and reach your audience!

We hope this article helped you!