Top SEO Plugins and Tools for WordPress in 2019

Well, for once I would like to be on the first place in the Google search for the keywords that can generate sale! How many site owners would have told this to themselves? Most likely not all, but the majority of website owners.
This is not surprising. Search engines are the major source of organic traffic and the higher the site ranks in search engines, the more the visitors comes on website and in turn helps in increasing customer base and, consequently, increase profits.
Fortunately, there are various tools that can help you to increase the ranking of your WordPress site and force search engines to simply fall in love with it. So without wasting your time, we present to you the best SEO plugins and tools for WordPress.

Integrated solutions for WordPress SEO

Search Engine Optimization consists of many different nuances. You can find specialized tools for each of them separately. However, if you are looking for a feature-rich solutions, take a look at first two plugins, which will allow you to cover most of your needs.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast – One of the most popular in WordPress directory. This plugin already has more than a million downloads and strong rating. To note, it is also one of our top favorites.
The plugin allows you to set many parameters related to search engine optimization at both the global and the local level. Its features include:
  • Editing SEO titles, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Automatic keyword search on Google Auto Suggest
  • In-depth analysis of the content to optimize opportunities
  • Optimizing content for social networks
  • Automatic generation of XML-Sitemap
And this is not a complete list of features of this plugin. If you are interested, you should pay attention to a more detailed overview of how to use WordPress SEO by Yoast.

2. All-in-One SEO Pack

This plug-in is very similar to the plugin by Yoast. It offers almost all the same features but is designed for less experienced users who have no need to configure every detail of their site by hand.
The list of functions is almost the same:
  • Ability to change the titles, descriptions, and other important markers for posts and pages
  • Webmaster tools verification for different search engines
  • It works with WordPress eCommerce
  • Easy and convenient to use, even for beginners
Which of these two plug-ins to use? It’s up to you. Each of them copes with its tasks, and they will be able to successfully optimize your WordPress site.

Optimizing a site for social networks

When it comes to SEO, you cannot forget about social networks. They not only can be potentially massive source of traffic, but are also one of the aspects that are taken into account by search engines in the preparation of their ratings. We think this is more than enough to try to optimize your site for social networking.

3. WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol

This plugin adds the Open Graph data to your content. It means that, your posts and pages will be beautifully displayed on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn feeds.
It is also noteworthy that the plugin is very easy to use, just run and does not require lengthy registration. Simply enter the ID of your Facebook, add the appropriate images and you’re done!
Everything else is going on in the background.
The first two plugins for SEO can also perform this function, but if for some reason you decide not to use them (for example, when your theme offers its own SEO settings), this plugin can add a much needed optimization for social networking.

4. ShareThis: Share Buttons and Social Analytics

In order to get SEO-exhaust of the social networks in the first place, you need to let your visitors, you staged a “bump” (Bring up my post) on Facebook and Twitter.
The plugin provides you with various options to display the “Share”: big or small button on top of your content or under it in the drop down menu or floating sidebar.
In addition, it also offers social analytics for understanding what your audience is most readily divided into social networks. So, as you have noticed, ShareThis plugin will be incredibly useful for your site!

5. Better Click to Tweet

Twitter – A platform that loves a good quote. It is therefore necessary to provide your visitors the ability to quickly and easily share interesting lines of your posts on Twitter.
Better Click to Tweet Plugin is something that will allow you to share the pages without hassle. It is an offshoot of another popular plug-in Click to Tweet, which, unfortunately, has not been updated since November last year.
Use Better Click to Tweet is easy: Convert your tweet shortcode, and everything else will be done by the plugin itself. Quote appear in slick box with the button “tweet”. Your visitors will be very grateful to you.

Image optimization for SEO

 The images is not only an essential part of your site design, but also an important element of SEO.
Here are a few plugins that can help you to make sure that you use your image correctly.
6. SEO Friendly Images Related
SEO Friendly Images will automatically upgrade your image with appropriate names and alt tags.
These tags provide an important signal to search engines, but are often ignored during content creation. However, now you can rest easy knowing that the plugin will do everything for you.

7. Media File Renamer

Once we started talking about Important SEO settings that are often forgotten, it should be mentioned that the names of the image files are also taken into account in the search engines. Consequently, they must be linked with the post or page on which they are located.
However, renaming media files to WordPress can deliver a lot of trouble: download the file, rename, upload to the site and remove the old one. Too much action, isn’t it?
However, this comes to an end. Media File Renamer allows you to change the names of your images directly from the panel of WordPress. But that’s not all! Plugin also updates all references to where the file is used to avoid any mistakes during the transition. Well, is it possible to dream big?

8. WP Smush

Optimizing images for SEO is not just filling in all the information correctly, but also to make sure that they are loaded as quickly as possible. After all page load time is also taken into account by search engines.
Apart from the fact that we should choose the right size of the image in the WordPress editor, you should also use this plug-in, developed by WPMU DEV team.
It removes unnecessary information from your images. This means that the file size decreases, but without quality loss. It sounds good, right?
The main highlight is that, the plugin will perform its operations automatically when you load the image on the site. Existing files can also be optimized in volume. Pro-version also available.

9. EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin works in the same way as WP Smush. It automatically optimizes the images uploaded to your WordPress site, and can reduce the size of files that already exist.
The difference between the two plugins that EWWW uses other tools for this process. WP Smush is based on the (now defunct) algorithm, created by Yahoo, while EWWW uses a bunch of other utilities.
Unlike its competitor, EWWW Image Optimizer offers additional optimizations to possible errors. This means that, part of the image data is discarded to reduce the size of the file in the future. However, this may lead to image quality degradation. Which of these plugins is better – you choose.

Analytics and reports

The following tools will help you understand whether you are on the right track.

10. Google Analytics by Yoast

It allows you to connect your site with Google Analytics quickly and easily, with just a few mouse clicks.
Very convenient, it also adds a analytics panel directly into the WordPress interface. There is no need to go Google analytics every time: you can see the most important indicators for the traffic directly to your site.
We strongly recommend that you look to this plugin! Those who want to find an alternative, can also draw attention to the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP.

11. Social Metrics Tracker

Want to know how your content is getting on the social networks? The plugin will tell you that with the help of information on how the posts are share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Google+ by your users.
Check out how your site looks in the social network directly from the control panel. This is a great tool to get an overview of the current performance without the need for external tools.
In addition, Social Metrics Tracker allows you to export the reports into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Other SEO plugins for WordPress

Although we have already covered most of the basic functions, the following plugins will help you to optimize your WordPress website even at better level.

12. W3 Total Cache

As mentioned earlier in other articles, the page load time is a factor that search engines consider for rankings. Therefore, you should do everything that is possible to make your site loads as quickly as possible.
Caching plugins creates static HTML-pages of your website. Thus, visitors will not have access to the database or execute PHP-code on your site that leads to a reduction in load time.
W3 Total Cache is one of the favorites of users. It offers reduction and compression for CSS, JavaScript, posts, pages and news, as well as the browser cache, plus working with content delivery networks.
More than 900,000 people have entrusted this plugin on their sites. Alternatively, you can view the WP Super Cache.

13. Google XML Sitemaps

If you do not use one of the multi-functional SEO solution mentioned earlier, you should make sure you have a sitemap for your WordPress site.
Sitemap – A quick and easy way for programs to automatically collect information to get all the necessary information about your content and how it should be indexed. This plugin allows you to create a complete XML sitemap and automatically add new content to it, to the extent that as your site expands.

14. Broken Link Checker

Links that do not lead anywhere, annoy visitors and consequently reduce the level of your website for Google and other search engines. From this it can be concluded that they should be avoided.
Broken Link Checker Plugin scans your posts, pages, images, comments, redirection and all other information for broken links. Additionally, all the detected links can be edited directly from the plugin page, without having to manually edit the content itself.

15. Redirection

This plugin can be used to redirect broken links to relevant or correct pages. The plugin shows the search engines new location of the content and prevents the appointment of visitors from terrible “404 error page”.
Redirection plugin will monitor when someone comes to your site and goes to a non-existent page. You can easily redirect visitors to the link where they were originally wanted to be. Thus, you will not lose the link itself, and the search engines too will be satisfied.
One of the coolest things is that, the plugin will automatically configure redirection to posts whose URLs are changed. In addition, it provides you with statistics about how often a redirect was performed and where they come from the original link.
Alternative plugin: Simple 301 Redirect.

16. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

When you mention a link to another site in your content, in Google’s eyes you are promoting this site. Although this is usually a good practice, but there are times when you might want to avoid this.
If you find that the link made the objectionable, what would not want to be associated, it is a good idea to make this link rel = “nofollow”. This shows the search engines that you should not take the mentioned link into account.
Rel Nofollow Checkbox allows you to set NoFollow link with a convenient checkbox in the WordPress editor. This process does not require any effort from you. Fast, intuitive and painless, in one word – perfect.

Keywords and content

The basis for the proper presentation of the site in search engines is a super useful and quality content that your readers will admire. Therefore, you should wonder what your audience is looking for, and should just use the tools that we will describe further.

17. Google Keyword Planner

This tool for finding keywords should always be the first on your list. After all, when you optimize for Google, why not take advantage of their data? In addition, this service is completely free.
This service also give you an estimate in terms of research and information about how hard it could be to be on the first place in the search for a particular query. This is invaluable information for those who are trying to take a higher position in the SERP, so be sure to use it.


This service is one of the best when it comes to finding ideas for keywords. It is associated with Google and offers keywords based on phrases that pierce users in the search box.
From the data service, it quickly generate a huge list of potential keywords for you. However, it is not just for Google, but also Bing, YouTube and Yahoo. And on top of that it’s completely free!

19. Buzzsumo

Tags are just one way to get new ideas for your content. Another way – to see how well other articles and websites look like in social networks.
Incredibly useful service in this case will be Buzzsumo. It allows you to use any website or keyword to find the best content on request.
This allows you to easily learn about the preferences of your audience and be sure that your information is of interest to them. Also it allows you to spy Buzzsumo most worthwhile ideas from your competitors, and based on them to create even more useful resources.

Competitive analysis

Sometimes it is necessary to look at the competitors from outside and understand why others are ahead of you, and what do you need to change to ensure that you win the game.

20. SEMrush

SEMrush – one of the few paid plugins in this list. It is used by SEO professionals around the world to analyze the competitors, the keywords they used, who refers to them, and more.
You can use the services for free, but with limited capabilities. However, if you plan to become a serious SEO-experts, should think about investing in the paid version.

21. Open Site Explorer

Moz provides the wonderful service – Open Site Explorer, which provides you with a wealth of information from the websites of your competitors. Check out their domain and authority of the page that are links to their website, their top pages and a lot of other information.
OSE is free for a limited number of daily queries. If you want to use this service without any restrictions, should invest in the Pro-version of Moz, which will give you access to many more other instruments.

On top SEO plugins and tools for WordPress

If you want to raise your position in search engine results for certain queries users in order to promote your site, you can always choose the one comprehensive SEO plugins.
It is worth noting that there are only some premium services listed and most of other are free. In addition, many of the items listed here, can be easily found in the WordPress directory.
Hopefully, these plugins and tools can help you to improve your site’s position in SERP. Experiment analyze and translate all conceived ideas into reality. After all, for you, there are no restrictions.
See you on the first page of Google!
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