The Top 20 Instagram Plugins For WordPress Blog or a Website In 2020

For this article, we have worked with over 30 WordPress Plugins for Instagram and present our favorites here. The plugins offer quite different functions: from the simple widget, which you have to style by CSS, up to the extensive plugin for galleries and widgets with numerous layout possibilities, everything is there. But they have one thing in common: your Instagram is connected to WordPress!

Plugins for Instagram widgets on your WordPress page

Instagram feeds are inserted as WordPress widget in Sidebar or Footer. So your pictures are always present and invite the readers to look at your Instagram profile.

1. WP Instagram Widget

WordPress Plugin WP Instagram Widget
The WordPress Plugin “WP Instagram Widget”
The popular WP Instagram Widget plugin is a simple tool to integrate Instagram images as a widget into WordPress. It uses caching so that not all images are always reloaded. In addition, a clever markup is used so that you can work optimally with the plugin. The widget comes consciously without CSS styles, so you can customize it to your own theme and the design is seamless.
WP Instagram Widget is the right solution for you if you’re not looking for an elegant Instagram feed with numerous settings, but a simple, reliable plug-in and custom styles for your widget.
The WordPress Plugin WP Instagram Widget is free.

2. Instagram Zoom Widgets

WordPress Plugin Instagram Zoom Widgets
The WordPress Plugin “Instagram Zoom Widgets”
With Instagram Zoom Widgets, you create feeds with Instagram images of your profile, a specific location, a particular hashtag, and much more. Integrate it over a widget for example into your sidebar. The special feature of this plugin is the zoom effect implemented with CSS3. In addition, you can choose whether and where to link the displayed images.
If you are looking for an Instagram widget with a special effect and the ability to specify a link target, Instagram Zoom Widgets is well suited.
The WordPress Plugin Instagram Zoom Widgets is free.

3. Instagram Followers Widget

Wordpress Plugin Instagram Followers Widget
The WordPress Plugin “Instagram Followers Widget”
The Instagram Followers Plugin widget does not show your images, but your followers. It integrates a new widget in WordPress that will animate your visitors to follow on Instagram. Similar to some Facebook widgets, a button to follow is displayed. Below you can see how many followers you have on Instagram, and a number of these followers are displayed with a profile image.
This plugin is particularly suitable if you have little space for an Instagram widget or an image feed would break the frame. In addition, your readers are so curious about the pictures and not already on your blog, as the content of your Instagram profile looks like.
Instagram Followers Widget is free.

4. Insta Grabagram

 WordPress Plugin Insta Grabagram
The WordPress Plugin “Insta Grabagram”
The Insta Grabagram plugin is free.

Plugins for galleries from Instagram pictures in WordPress

In addition to widgets in sidebars or the footer, there are some plugins to create beautiful galleries for WordPress from Instagram photos. So you do not have to upload images twice, just manage them via Instagram and then integrate them into WordPress. Depending on the plugin, you select specific images of your Instagram profile for the gallery or create a feed to a hashtag.

5. Instapress WordPress Instagram Gallery

WordPress Plugin Instapress WordPress Instagram Gallery
The WordPress Plugin “Instapress WordPress Instagram Gallery”
If you installed Instapress WordPress Instagram Gallery, you can create galleries from all your Instagram images. You can simply select the desired pictures and then integrate the finished gallery into shortcuts, posts or other places. The layout of the gallery is designed with columns. How many of you should be able to do it yourself? The image captions of Instagram are also transferred.
The InstaPress WordPress Instagram Gallery Plugin is great if you want to include a simple Instagram gallery with column layout on your WordPress page.
The InstaPress plugin is free.

6. The Instagram Feed

WordPress Plugin Instagram Feed
The WordPress Plugin “Instagram Feed”
With the plug-in The Instagram Feed, you create your own picture feeds from one or more Instagram profiles. You can adapt the layout flexibly and define parameters such as height, width, the number of images or number of columns. You can also add the following button and a header for your feed. The plugin also allows you to add your own CSS and JavaScript, and to customize the design accordingly.
With The Instagram Feed, you get a plugin that provides you with numerous customization options for Instagram feeds in WordPress. These integrated design options also allow you to specify your own styles.
The WordPress Plugin The Instagram Feed is free, a pro version with more features available from $ 39.

7. Creative Instagram

 WordPress Plugin Creative Instagram
The WordPress Plugin “Creative Instagram”
The Creative Instagram plugin allows you to create galleries of images from multiple Instagram accounts. In the free version, you can choose from three design colors but also use your own CSS. The created galleries will then be inserted into your posts or pages by shortcode. If you also need an Instagram widget or other additional features, the Pro version is more appropriate for you.
Creative Instagram is available with limited functionality, you can get the Pro version for $ 11.

8. POWr Instagram Feed

WordPress Plugin Powr Instagram Feed
The WordPress Plugin “POWr Instagram Feed”
The POWr Instagram Feed plugin allows you to create galleries with the images of several Instagram accounts and hashtags and to edit them from the front end. Instagram image captions can be displayed in WordPress. You can customize the layout of your feeds.
POWr Instagram Feed suits you if you want to create galleries with images from Instagram and edit your WordPress page from the front end.
The WordPress Plugin POWr Instagram Feed is available free of charge or as a premium version with more features. For both versions, you have to register with POWr.

9. WP Instagram Feeds

WordPress Plugin WP Instagram Feeds
The WordPress Plugin “WP Instagram Feeds”
With WP Instagram feeds you show a gallery with the latest pictures of your Instagram profile in WordPress. You can integrate the feeds either with shortcode in posts and pages or with PHP snippets into a template of your theme. In the layout, you can choose between grid and list. How many pictures are displayed can be determined by yourself.
The WP Instagram Feeds plugin is free.

10. Custom Instagram Feed

WordPress Plugin Custom Instagram Feed
The WordPress Plugin “Custom Instagram Feed”
The Custom Instagram Feed plugin allows you to integrate an image feed from one or more Instagram accounts into your WordPress page using the shortcode. You can set up a lot of design parameters and customize the layout to fit your site. So you can change width, height, the number of images, column number, picture order and more.
Custom Instagram Feed is free, but the premium version for $ 29 offers numerous additional features.

Combine plugins that integrate Instagram widgets & galleries into WordPress

If you want to publish your Instagram pictures as a gallery as well as a widget in WordPress, these plugins are the right choice. They can do both!

11. Instagram Feed WD

WordPress Plugin Instagram
The WordPress Plugin “Instagram Feed WD”
The popular Plugin Instagram Feed WD allows you to create feeds from various combinations of Instagram profiles and hashtags. You can then create these feeds by using numerous customization options. You also have the option to sort the displayed images using different parameters. The user metadata like Follower, Bio etc. can also be displayed. You can integrate your created galleries with a widget or shortcode.
If you are looking for a plugin that offers you a wide range of options for the pictures of Instagram and the possibilities of the gallery, you can use Instagram Feed WD.
The Plugin Instagram Feed WD is free, but some features are only available with the Pro version starting at $ 25.

12. AccessPress Instagram Feed

WordPress Plugin AccessPress Instagram Feed
The WordPress Plugin “AccessPress Instagram Feed”
With the popular WordPress Plugin AccessPress Instagram Feed, you can integrate your images from Instagram with various layouts into WordPress. In the free version, you can choose between tiles, Lightbox and Slider. The plugin is user-friendly, easy to use, and has good support. You can integrate the feeds into WordPress by means of a shortcode or widget.
AccessPress Instagram Feed is a great tool to display the latest posts of your Instagram profile in both sidebar and footer pages as well as in posts and pages. In the premium version, you have ten different layouts to choose from.
The AccessPress Instagram Feed plugin is free, a premium version with extended functionality is available for $ 18.

13. Enjoy Plugin for Instagram

WordPress Plugin Enjoy for Instagram
The WordPress plugin “Enjoy Plugin for Instagram”
The WordPress Plugin Enjoy Plugin for Instagram allows you to integrate feeds from Instagram profiles or hashtags into your WordPress page. In the layout, you can choose between Carousel and Grid and decide how many pictures to display. For the grid layout, there is also a fade-in effect when building your page, the number of rows and columns is determined by itself. You can display your feeds as a widget or as a shortcode.
You want to have some nice Instagram feeds in sidebar, footer, pages, and posts? The Enjoy Plugin could fit for you. If you decide for the premium version, you can also create galleries with self-selected pictures.
The Enjoy Plugin for Instagram is free, there is a premium version for 12.50 €.

14. Instagram Portfolio

WordPress Plugin Instagram Portfolio
The WordPress Plugin “Instagram Portfolio”
With the Plugin Instagram Portfolio, you get a whole toolbox for linking Instagram and WordPress on board. You can create galleries of your photos and videos, import feeds depending on profiles or hashtags, and then display them as either a widget or a shortcode. You can choose from 15 cool hover effects and add icons to share in social networks. The plugin uses bootstrap.
With Instagram Portfolio, you’re well advised, if you want more than just displaying Instagram photos. It allows you to work properly with the pictures in WordPress and to use them in a variety of ways.
The plugin costs $ 18.

15. WP Instagram Gallery

WordPress Plugin WP Instagram Gallery
The WordPress Plugin “WP Instagram Gallery”
The WP Instagram Gallery plugin allows you to create galleries with images of specific profiles or hashtags. You have a lot of design possibilities and you can display the photos as Grid, Masonry-Layout or Slider. Also, a carousel brings the plugin with. You can integrate your created galleries either by shortcode or as a widget into your WordPress page.
If you simply want to create elegant, simple image galleries from Instagram and use them as a widget, as well as in contributions or pages, WP Instagram Gallery is the right plugin for you.
WP Instagram Gallery is free.

16. Feed Them Instagram

WordPress Plugin Feed Them Instagram
The WordPress Plugin “Feed Them Instagram”
With Feed Them Instagram, you create feeds with images from your account or to certain hashtags. You can then integrate these via the widget in Sidebar and Co, or by shortcode in posts and pages. You decide how many pictures to display. In addition, you can integrate a button to follow Instagram on or under the feed.
If you are looking for a plugin that integrates Instagram feeds as widgets and posts and provides reliable support, Feed Them Instagram is right for you.
The WordPress Plugin Feed Them Instagram is free of charge, a premium version with additional functions is available from $ 40.

17. InstaNOW

WordPress Plugin InstaNOW
The WordPress Plugin “InstaNOW”
The user-friendly WordPress Plugin InstaNOW allows you to integrate feeds from Instagram profiles and hashtags into WordPress. You have numerous design possibilities. You can also create a slider with different layout options from the Instagram images.
You want to create not only galleries but also sliders with Instagram images and use them in different areas of your WordPress page? This is exactly what InstaNOW is for.
InstaNOW Lite is free, the Pro version with additional features is available for $ 15.

18. Tech Instagram Feed

WordPress Plugin Tech Instagram Feed
The WordPress Plugin “Tech Instagram Feed”
With Tech Instagram Feed, you easily create feeds with Instagram images in WordPress and integrate them into widgets or shortcodes. You can customize the feeds with different options, such as sorting the images, setting a number, determining image resolution, or viewing user metadata such as followers. It is also possible to specify your own CSS and JavaScript.
The Plugin Tech Instagram Feed is a good solution if you are looking for a plugin that offers the most important design options but is not a Swiss pocket knife for the layout. If the offered layout possibilities are not enough, you simply give yourself CSS or JavaScript.
Tech Instagram feed is free, there is also a premium version for fair $ 5.

19. Instagram Feed

WordPress Plugin Instagram Feed
The WordPress Plugin “Instagram Feed”
The Plugin Instagram Feed allows you to integrate feeds with images from Instagram as a widget or as a shortcode into your WordPress page. It comes with some ready-made layouts that you can then customize according to your taste. However, some design options like Google Fonts are only available with the Premium version. Instagram Feed is user-friendly and intuitive to use.
Instagram feed is free, the premium version WordPress Social Feed costs $ 27.

20. Simple Instagram Feed

The Simple Instagram Feed plugin allows you to view the latest images of your Instagram profile in WordPress. This works as a widget, a shortcode or a code snippet in a template of your theme. You can also define how many images should be displayed, as well as a character limit for the captured caption from Instagram.
Simple Instagram Feed is free.
Which plugins do you prefer to use to connect WordPress to Instagram? Is there a plugin that you would like to read a detailed test? Write us in the comments!
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