Top 10 WordPress Translation Plugins (Free & paid)

The goal of creating a website is to reach out to an audience. If you want to reach out to people who speak different languages then you need to have a multilingual website. WordPress translation plugins help you create a multilingual website using WordPress.

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We are going to have a look at one of the best free and premium WordPress translation plugins.

Free Translation Plugins

  1. Polylang
  2. Loco Translate
  3. Gtranslate Free
  4. Transposh
  5. Lingotek Translation

Premium Translation Plugins

  1. TranslatePress
  2. Gtranslate
  3. WPML
  4. Weglot
  5. Scrybs

Free Translation Plugins

If you are having a blog or just starting with a website without planning for much investment, then you can use free WordPress translation plugins. These plugins will help you run a multilingual website at no cost. There are limitations to what you can do with a free plugin. You can definitely see if a free plugin meets your particular needs before switching to a premium translation plugin.

1. Polylang

Polylang WordPress Translation Plugins

Polylang is a popular WordPress translation plugin that allows you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. It has more than 500,000 active installations. Polylang works with WordPress 4.7 or higher. 


  • You can define the language for each of the posts, pages, categories and tags separately
  • Translation of a post is optional
  • There is no limit on the number of languages you can use
  • Supports RTL language scripts
  • Automatically downloads and updates WordPress language packs
  • You can translate posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, widgets, etc.
  • Supports custom post types, custom taxonomies, sticky posts, post formats, RSS feeds and all default WordPress widgets
  • You can set language by content
  • Language can be set by the language code in URL
  • You can use different subdomain or domain per language
  • Automatically copies metas like categories, post tags, etc. when adding a new translation
  • Customizable language switcher 
Polylang-screen WordPress Translation Plugins

How to get Polylang?

Here is the link for Polylang from the official WordPress Plugin Repository. 

2. Loco Translate

Loco-Translate WordPress Translation Plugins

Loco Translate is perhaps the most downloaded free WordPress translation plugin. It has more than 900,000 active installations. It works with WordPress 4.1 or higher. You need PHP Version 5.2.4 or higher to run Loco Translate on your WordPress site. 


  • You can create and update language files directly from your theme or plugin
  • You can extract translatable strings from the source code
  • Features native MO file compilation
  • No need for Gettext on your system
  • PO features like comments, references, and plural forms are supported
  • PO source view for clickable source code references
  • You can save custom translations using protected language directory
  • PO file backups with restore capability
  • Built-in WordPress locale codes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for faster translation
Loco-Translate-screen WordPress Translation Plugins

How to get Loco Translate?

Here is the link for Loco Translate from the Official WordPress Plugin Repository.

Here is the link for Loco Translate from the Official WordPress Plugin Repository. 

3. Gtranslate Free


Gtranslate is popular as a premium translation service. They also a free plugin in WordPress plugin directory. It has more than 100,000 active installations. The plugin works with WordPress 2.8.1 or higher. 


  • The plugin uses Google Translate automatic translation service
  • Around 103 languages available
  • Hides Google top frame after translation
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Translation for posts, pages, categories, tags, menus, widgets, themes and plugins
  • Support for Right to left languages
  • Google Language translator widget
  • Auto-switch language based on browser settings
  • Multiple styles available including dropdown, Flags, Flags with dropdown, Flags with language name, Flags with Language codes, Globe, popup among others
  • Floating language selector
  • Supports WooCommerce shop translation

How to get Gtranslate Free version?

Here is the link for Gtranslate from the Official WordPress Plugin directory. 

4. Transposh


Transposh plugin combines two translation features in one offering: automatic translation and human translation contributed by users. It works with WordPress 3.8 or higher. It has more than 20,000 active installations. 


  • Provides support for any language
  • Includes RTL/LTR layouts 
  • Drag and drop interface for viewing translatable languages
  • Widget options for appearances
  • No need for .op/.mo files for translation of external plugins
  • Automatic translation for all content including comments
  • You can use Google, Bing, Yandex, Apertium translation backends
  • 117 languages supported
  • Readers can trigger automatic translation
  • It translates RSS feeds too
  • Integrates with Buddypress
  • Translated languages are searchable

How to get Transposh?

Here is the link for Transposh from the Official WordPress plugin repository. 

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5. Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation WordPress Translation Plugins

Lingotek translation offers cloud based localization and translation for WordPress. It aims to simplify the process of creating and maintaining multilingual websites. It has more than 20,000 active installations. The plugin works with WordPress 3.8 or higher. 


  • Machine, professional, and community translation services
  • Translation profiles for administrators
  • Categorize content by its relative value
  • You can associate each content type with a Translation profile
  • You can use your own translation agency
  • Automated file transfer between WordPress and Lingotek
  • You can use Lingotek’s professional translation services
  • It’s good for do-it-yourself translation projects
  • Lingotek Workbench text editor for translating, reviewing, and post-editing multilingual content
  • Provides for the use of commercial API for Microsoft Translator (Lingotek covers the cost up to 100,000 characters)
  • You can use as many languages you want
Lingotek Translation-screen WordPress Translation Plugins

How to get Lingotek Translation?

Here is the link for Lingotek Translation from the official WordPress Plugin Repository.

Here is the link for Lingotek Translation from the official WordPress Plugin Repository. 

Premium WordPress Translation Plugins:

Premium WordPress translation plugins are best if your site needs professional translation services. The pricing of premium `plugins depend various factors. Some premium plugins charge as per the number of words and the number of translation languages. Some charge flat yearly subscription. Here we will have a look at some popular premium translation plugins.

1. TranslatePress

Translatepress WordPress Translation Plugins

TranslatePress is an easy to use translation plugin with the capability of directly translate the final page from the front end itself. It comes with full support for WooCommerce, site builders and themes. Like WordPress, TranslatePress is self hosted and GPL. 


  • Integration with Google Translate API
  • Translate the entire page at once
  • Full support for dynamic strings
  • You can add as many languages you want from 221 languages
  • Editorial control for translation publishing
  • Extended language switcher including a floater menu, shortcode, and individual menu items
  • SEO support for page slug, page title, page description, social graph information
  • Yoast SEO sitemap support
  • Suitable for any project including WooCommerce, custom post types, complex themes, site builders, etc.
  • You can create translator accounts that can work without WordPress backend
  • You can browse your website just like your users see it
  • You can translate custom login pages
  • You can join multiple translation strings into a translation block
  •  Automatic user language detection based on browser language or IP address
translatepress-screen WordPress Translation Plugins

How to get TranslatePress?

Here is the link for TranslatePress from its official website. 


The Personal Licence is priced at €79 per year. The Business licence for 3 sites costs €139 per year. The Developer Licence for unlimited site costs €199 per year. 

2. Gtranslate

GTranslate WordPress Translation Plugins

Gtranslate is a popular premium translation service available on multiple platforms. We have already reviewed its free WordPress plugin. The premium version gives you the benefit of Translation Delivery Network that can boost your international traffic. 


  • Search engine indexing for your pages
  • Separate URL for each language
  • Machine translation with Google and Bing
  • Inline editor for manual translation editing
  • Stats for translation traffic
  • Language hosting with separate domain for each language
  • URL translation
  • Automatic updates
  • Google Neural machine translations
  • You can refine the translation manually
  • Translation proxy mirrors your website in different languages
GTranslate-screen WordPress Translation Plugins

How to Get Gtranslate?

Here is the link for premium version of Gtranslate from its official website.

Here is the link for premium version of Gtranslate from its official website. 


The Custom subscription costs $5.99/month. The Startup subscription is priced at $14.99/month. The Business subscription costs $24.99/month. The Enterprise subscription is priced at $34.99/month. 


WPML WordPress Translation Plugins

WPML is a popular plugin that has received support from numerous WordPress plugins for translation. This WordPress Multilingual plugin makes it easy to build and run multilingual sites. It works with WordPress 3.9 or higher. You will need PHP Version 5.6 or higher to run this plugin. 


  • Over 40 languages supported
  • You can add your own language variants
  • Language content can be arranged in the same domain, different domains, and sub-domains
  • Translation management system for users and translation services
  • WooCommerce Multilingual
  • Translation for theme and plugin texts
  • String translation interface
  • Translation dashboard that allows you to connect with professional translation services of your choice
  • Works with most WordPress themes
wpml-screen WordPress Translation Plugins

How to get WPML plugin?

Here is the link for WPML plugin from its official website. 


The Multilingual Blog version costs $29. The Multilingual CMS version is priced at $79. Multilingual Agency version costs $159. You get a discount when you renew your license.  

4. Weglot

Weglot WordPress Translation Plugins

Weglot is a popular premium WordPress translation plugin that lets you create a multilingual website within minutes. You can translate your content without any coding. Weglot adds a language switcher button to your website. 


  • Easy to install and get started
  • Automatically detects all your website content
  • You can invite team members to collaborate on translations together
  • More than 100 destination languages
  • In-context editor to translate content 
  • Automatic and human translation
  • Machine learning providers like Microsoft, DeepL, Google, and Yandex
  • Access to professional translators
  • Optimized for multilingual SEO
  • Auto-direction feature
  • Translate all conversion steps like landing pages to email confirmation
weglot-screen WordPress Translation Plugins

How to get Weglot?

Here is the link for Weglot from its official site. 


The pricing depends on the number of words you need to translate and number of translated languages you need. The Starter Plan costs €99/year. Business plan is priced at €190/year. The Pro plan is pegged at €490/year and Enterprise plan at €1990/year. The Corporate plan costs €4990/year. 

5. Scrybs

Scrybs WordPress Translation Plugins

Scrybs provides professional translation services. They claim to be one of the fastest human translation services for any language. It’s backed up with a money back guarantee assuring 100% satisfaction for the services. It works on WordPress version 3.9 or above. You will need PHP Version 5.3 or higher to run this plugin. 


  • Powerful dashboard to manage all translations, languages and websites
  • SEO optimized
  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with WordPress themes and plugins
  • Manual, Professional and automatic translation
  • Content synchronization between your languages
  • Faster performance for translated content
  • Professional and dedicated support
Scrybs screen WordPress Translation Plugins

How to get Scrybs?

Here is the link for Scrybs WordPress plugin from its official website. 


The Startup plan costs $39/year. The Business Plan costs $69/year. Enterprise plan is priced at $99/year. 

Even in today’s world of globalization, local languages are heavily used for all kinds of communication. Making your website available in multiple languages will help you reach a wider audience. We hope this article helps you to take a step in the direction of multilingual website.

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