Social networks are imperative to maintain the relationship between your company and the target audience, providing the growth for your business. But even with the development of social networks, having a website is still an essential resource, which directly influences the credibility that your company has in the market.

Here are seven tips that can draw the audience to your site

1 – Define public

First of all, you should know exactly who you are talking to. With the definition of the public, it is possible to structure the information and the layout of the site. It is necessary to know the customers thoroughly to choose the best strategies for dialogue with the consumers of your product. From how it relates to social networks and what tools of usability the site needs to have, even the language that will be used in the texts.

2- Interactivity

The site is not just a virtual poster. The electronic address has functional communication tools that can bring the company closer to consumers.

It’s important to have communication tools, but the forms need to be working well to get the best from it. It is important that the customer knows when the service is online so that the question reaches the company and is answered as fast as possible.

It is also recommended to make the use of visual mechanisms, such as animations or transitions that make the site more interesting.

However, you have to be careful that visuals do not interfere with the usability of the site. Navigation must be simple and coherent.

3 – Social Networking and Web Site Interaction

Site and social networks are increasingly important resources for companies, regardless of size or business.

These two features need to be coherent and complementary. The site should be used to provide more information about the company, such as institutional values and history, while social networks must follow the daily life of the company. One tool can be redirected to another, with links to the site in social networks and vice versa, always keeping new and interesting content to support both.

4 – Aesthetics

There is an increasing aversion to something that has a negative impact on visual information.

The elements of the website should be organized, based on a well-defined layout and maintaining a good contrast of colors.

For this, it is recommended to look for a professional that also has motions of art direction and can assist in the visual composition so that the navigation is pleasant and fluid.

5 – Search engine optimization

Website content needs to be easily accessed through search engines like Google and Bing, for example. This is because the consumer has less patience while doing online searches and tends to access the first sites that are found in the search.

For your site to be among the first, content needs to conform to a series of metrics known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This work is done by a professional, who must pay attention to both the codes used and the words used in the titles, for example. It is this set of tools that will guarantee a good positioning and therefore more accessible.

6 – Adaptation

When it comes to programming a website, you have to be aware of the fact that more and more people access the internet through the mobile phone and that their content can be viewed through a large number of screen sizes. Pages need to adapt to major technology platforms and maintain usability across multiple screen sizes. This adaptation is called responsive design.

Reducing the size of the images is not enough and that the site needs to remain operational. There may be a loss of view of some elements, but should be as close to the original version as possible. It is necessary to make the page operational within the various platforms that exist.

7- Quality Content

It’s of no use to be on the internet and not communicate well with the public or the segment, or communicate but not keep up to date with interesting articles about the area of activity of the company. Companies should offer relevant and interesting content that does not summarize the message of purchase or announcement of promotions. You have to treat the message in a way that engages users.

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