The relationship in between creative professionals and WordPress

There are many ways to consider WordPress to set up with. Noting that there are creative professionals who do not like the platform, but most of these professionals love to use it.

Who loves creating projects with WordPress?

Well, to know who likes to create projects with WP, it is good to understand the head who does not like. To be clear, no point of view placed here is intended to generalize, but to show a very close reality to the day to day life of a company specializing in WordPress.

Well, most of the art directors and advertisers who do not like WP are exactly those who do not create projects with WordPress, not know the platform possibilities viewing it as a blog platform, those who work with other platforms and CMS’s or those who are not qualified professionals, opt for the ordinary look.

WordPress has no limits when the mind has no barriers.

Creative embracing creators with WordPress are those who know that the platform has no limits, both visual implementations, as in the codes. In addition to the facilities offered to the part of content management, the WP accept any modification to the CSS, so creative directors, art, developers who know the possibilities of the WP know well that they do not need to cling to templates / themes. For these professionals, all that can be thought or brainstormed, is put in a blank sheet and imagined for the user experience that can be implemented in WordPress.

Tips for creating project or website with WordPress

It may seem suspect to talk, but it is no wonder that the WP became the most used CMS in the world. Starting a project in WordPress is to have almost halfway there, beyond the themes that can be restyled and the possibility of customizing zero, WordPress also offers over 40,000 plugins to perform thousands of tasks. Therefore, creating a website with WordPress is not reinventing the wheel, but the discovery of the best ways to use it.

Do not change the core

Changing the core of WordPress is indeed possible, but not recommended, we suggest keeping the HTML markup and modify what is required for your project in CSS.

All right, you can use themes

There are many professionals who prefer ready to use themes. As a suggestion I say, there is no problem in using themes provided, they are downloaded legally and the customer is not duped thinking that the site was developed from scratch. There are thousands of themes on the market that are attractive and highly customization.

If you do not realize, seek support

Many advertising agencies and digital marketing companies rely on the work of other companies for technical development, as a partner. This dramatically reduces the cost of hand labor, because this type of provider is only triggered when necessary, leaving the leaner workforce and focused on strategy and creation.


Creation of a project with WordPress is something beneficial for various reasons, the main ones are:

  • Highly customizable platform;
  • Ease of content management;
  • Complete ecosystem with great plugins ;
  • It has constant updates to its core;
  • Many already predefined integrations;
  • Highly index-able by search engines platform;
  • Ease of working on SEO strategically.

Know more advantages or disadvantages? Share with us!