The benefits of having SSL certificate on WordPress Website

SSL Certificates (Secure Socket Layer) inspire confidence and show that you care about the privacy and integrity of the data of your users. An SSL Certificate protects sensitive information of your customers such as name, address, passwords or credit card number, encrypting the information on the server your site is hosted.


The certificate is required for all e-commerce services, and you will need to implement one if you plan to accept credit cards on your site, but not that SSL is only essential in e-commerce, it is essential for any site, especially in WordPress, work much better and increases the security level when they have SSL certificate.

What are the Benefits of SSL certificate?

Using the SSL Certificate on your WordPress provides numerous benefits, in addition to security attribute that makes all the difference when driving your data on websites or e-commerce stores.

For you, the entrepreneur, to understand better, SSL Certificate ensures authentication and ownership verification of a site and encryption of communication. To authenticate the certificate and verify the information on the identity of the site, the safety indications are visible to visitors, either through HTTPS padlock symbol that appears in the browser bar or Secured Seal. In other words, in addition to providing a safe environment, it gives signals to visitors, which adds value to the site.


The encryption of information ensures that all data traffic is protected and cannot be intercepted and / or read by third parties, except by the addressee.

It means that the customer can update personal information such as data from the credit card, safely and confidence in e-commerce environment, for example, protected by a digital SSL certificate.

Other benefits of implementing the SSL certificate on WordPress:

Search Engine Optimization

It is proved that sites with SSL are friendly to search engines and the presence of SSL Certificate improves the positioning of your site, especially Google, which is very important.


Several factors influence the placement of sites in the Google ranking. In 2014 Google updated an article in Webmaster Central blog where they comment on how web security is put on priority and why the website owners should set the HTTPS protocol (obtained through the use of SSL) as an additional factor to get one good ranking.

According to the article, until its publication, the weight of this aspect of the algorithm was small, but today the influence of this factor has increased a lot. All this is done to encourage the use of safe web browsing.

Tips from Google Webmaster Central blog include: Be careful not to lock your indexing site through the robots.txt file and allow indexing of pages where possible, avoiding the no-index tag in your code.


Reducing cart abandonment rate and expansion of your business

A site protected by SSL displays signals to Internet users, such as HTTPS and green padlock, security of synonyms on the web. According to research on e-commerce, the cart abandonment rate in virtual stores reaches 83%. How much business you are losing by not opting an SSL Certificate?


In 2015 the paypal released on its website, more than 80% of users use credit cards to pay for their online purchases. They attribute the widespread adoption of credit card to the possibility of payment in installments, without interest, but there is also the idea of security associated with their use. For you to be able to offer this facility, it is necessary to contact an operator and make a membership. But the possibility of offering the payment via credit card sites is linked to the use of SSL. Operators require this system to ensure the integrity of online transactions.

Brand Value and reliable transmission – Competitive advantage

With SSL, you add a fat slice of consumers to your recipe, since this certificate protects your store against cyber assaults, assuring consumers the visibly of safe environment for shopping.


The SSL certificate is a way to guarantee privacy on the web and most of the users already know it. In general, consumers who buy online recognize a secure site by checking signs like HTTPS in the address bar, the protective seal, among others. With this, a business website owner can build confidence in the brand. Also, to get the certificate that provides secure browsing, the identity of your website needs to be confirmed by a certificate authority, that is, you get the advantage of having your site legitimized as a representation of your brand.