Spend 20 Seconds To Add Favicon To WordPress Website

You spend so much of your time, money and energy to create a unique website for your business that stands out from the crowd. It can take a lot many working hours, money and work to get to that goal. Yet, here are the most crucial 20 seconds you can spend to give your site an identity that stands out – the site icon aka Favicon. In this tutorial, we will see what is a favicon and how you can quickly add the favicon to your WordPress website.

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What is Favicon?

Favicon is short for ‘Favorite’s icon’. This is an icon that represents your site in the browser window, bookmarks, and other places. Favicon is a convenient and powerful way to represent your website in an icon. 

Apart from aesthetics and brand value, a favicon actually plays a practical role you shouldn’t ignore.  If you observe a typical browser window, you will notice that multiple tabs are open. This reduces the space for each tab and the browser in turn hides the name of the website for each tab. However, you will notice that favicon for each website is retained. Thus, your favicon helps the internet user to navigate to your website. 

Add Favicon To WordPress

Thus, adding a favicon to your website can significantly boost your user engagement. Let’s see how you need just 20 seconds to add Favicon to the WordPress website.

A) Add Favicon From Admin Dashboard

Step 1: Go to Appearance>>Customize in WordPress dashboard

Appearance-customize Add Favicon To WordPress

This will open the Customizer.

Step 2: Click on the Site Identity option.

site identity Add Favicon To WordPress

Step 3: Upload your Favicon

You can upload your favicon here. Note the favicon size should be minimum 512 x 512 pixels.

B) Use All In One Favicon Plugin

If you don’t see an option to add favicon in your theme, then you can use the plugin “All in One Favicon‘ to do the trick. The plugin is freely available in the WordPress official plugin repository.

So this is how you just need 20 seconds to add a favicon to your WordPress website and have an effective web presence with minimal efforts. If you want to know more about creating a website that drives results, leave us a comment and we would reach out to you.

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