Security And Server Speed With Varnish And Nginx

When we hire a hosting plan, we think about the success of our business, so we choose robust alternatives and one of the doubts is whether we choose a simple server or invest in a VPS server. With this, you need to know that the manipulation, management, and settings of VPS servers must always be optimized, ensuring security and speed, to achieve high performance. In the market, there are some applications that help a lot, among them are Varnish and Nginx. You need to have a sense of how these tools work and how they can ensure the smooth running of your service.

What is Nginx?

Nginx is a proxy, that is, a program that acts as an intermediary between the user and the server, intercepting the traffic information. The reverse proxy is installed in between the internet and the web server, so all requests for access to your site will first go through Nginx and then be redirected to your server. The service ensures more security and speed to your server, much because it adds an extra layer of defense, which improves the performance of your server considerably, making it faster.

Check out the benefits of Nginx:

  • Security: With a previous layer before reaching your server, you can pre-check certain requests, identifying whether or not they are secure enough to reach your server.
  • Cache: Reverse proxy caches the contents of requests, which helps reduce server load, making it faster compressing accessed content also helps your server gain speed.

What is Varnish?

In order to access a site, it is necessary to make a request to the server, for this, it has to process any and all requests. The intent is to fetch the information needed to assemble and display the page. At each visit, the information is uploaded to the server, which consumes more time.

This is why it is recommended to use Varnish which is an HTTP accelerator, which uses a caching feature to prevent this overload on your server, ensuring a faster and safer server. The program stores a copy of all accessed pages in RAM, leaving your site up to 300 times faster.

The storage happens the first time the page loads, from there Varnish makes a copy of all the dynamic and static contents that are loaded. In the next access to the site, the user will receive the content directly from Varnish, which greatly accelerates the process of loading pages. Accessing new content is accessed, the service immediately copies the files.

Why does your server need these features?

The safer and faster your server is, the better it is for your site, so it is essential for the developer to perform basic management tasks and this can be achieved through applications such as Nginx and Vanish. Unfortunately, today the vast majority of sites are hosted on bad, non-functional servers that spend a lot of time being down and do not provide adequate protection with threats and other issues that may hit the server.

This ends up giving users a lack of credibility in their company, besides representing a considerable loss of access, so it is necessary to invest in the servers to achieve good results. It is paramount to make some choices before hiring a web hosting service and so choose the best options for running an online business. It is necessary to bet on features that have made your server more efficient and this is good and suitable for any website that wants to achieve a good positioning and a good reputation on the internet.

The servers need to be monitored constantly and a good technical support team from the contracted company to provide hosting service. Varnish and Nginx are two applications that make a difference in the quality and security of your server and so can and should be used to make the server more robust.

Which is the most suitable application?

Now that we know that both applications greatly improve efficiency and provide a number of advantages to your server when it comes to security and speed. The most suitable for use depends on a lot on the developers and the type of server used by your site. Of course, you can use both programs together, without causing any problems on your server.

Varnish makes a difference and improves performance experiences and can even be used by users with a more robust VPS server. Nginx has great popularity among developers and is ideal for systems that need a good framework. Nginx is a more complete application since Varnish is considered a complement to heavier programs. The former is used in our configurations more generally, while the latter is used in specific cases.

The two have excellent features, you just decide which is best for your needs, and thus leave your server settings optimized for your use. You always have to be aware of your server to always apply the optimizations possible, choosing applications specific to each function and strengthening your online business.

What is certain is that both can improve greatly the status of your server and this is one of the main reasons to be used by most developers. The most important thing when hiring a hosting is to be aware of all applications and functional technologies that can improve your server, optimizing the experience for your visitors.

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