Know Why And How You Should Reuse Old Content in 2020

Generating new content is always difficult. Most of my clients have problems with this. So how about some tips for you to stay master reusing old content?

Every time you post new content on your blog, for example, you make the disclosure (or should do) and you get some results, whether by good publicity or the relevance of it.

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Some even say that 80% of the time should be used to advertise content after it’s done. There are many ways to do this, remember that releasing is also re-using content.

Reusing old content

  • If you have written a text and published it, you can use this content in other media.
  • If the publication is less than 1000 words consider improving the text;
  • Generate lists;
  • If you can insert additional images that add value, do this;
  • Republish in social media sometime later on different days and times;
  • Email marketing to the base with more adherence to the content;
  • Create a podcast and advertise on the podcast channels;
  • Create a video and post on YouTube and Facebook Videos;
  • Create an infographic and advertise again;
  • Create an e-book and offer it to users;
  • Create a presentation and post to SlideShare;
  • If you have written a lot of content on related topics, put links between them;
  • Turn content into courses;
  • Add an interview with someone from the area/subject you wrote;
  • Improve the design of something that already exists;

From time to time I usually revisit content and update what I wrote, including adding more content.

Some plugins and tools that can help

This improves the quality of the published material. It is not only because it has already been published that it can no longer be updated!

And if you create content like the ones mentioned above, put them in your original publication.

And what content should be improved? Preferably all! But start your search for Analytics, see what works best for you (or less), and improve your users’ experience even more.

The reuse of content is as important as the generation of new content, think about it!

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