How To Insert Tables In WordPress Without Coding

Adding tables in WordPress was kind of a hassle until recently. You needed to know HTML or CSS if you wanted to insert a table in WordPress page or post. Then there were a lot of plugins that could help you do the same without coding anything. This can cause a lot of confusion as to which plugin to use or what line of code to insert. This article will save you the trouble. Let’s see how to insert tables in WordPress without coding.  

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Insert Tables in WordPress using the ‘Table’ Block 

The introduction of blocks with the Gutenberg Editor in WordPress has provided an interesting feature: The Table Block. 

Now it is very easy to insert tables in WordPress page or posts without coding. 

Follow these steps to insert a table in WordPress page or post.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Add Block’ button

The ‘Add Block’ button looks like a ‘+’ symbol surrounded by a circle. 

You will see this button when you are editing a page or post in WordPress 5.0 or higher. 

Add block button Insert Tables In WordPress

Clicking on the button will open the blocks library.

Step 2: Select the Table block from the Blocks library.

You can find the Table Block in the ‘Formatting’ Category.

table block Insert Tables In WordPress

Alternatively, you can type ‘Table’ in the search box to quickly find the ‘Table’ block. 

search table Insert Tables In WordPress

Step 3: Create Table 

Enter the number of Columns and Rows you want in your table. 

Click on ‘Create’ to create the table. 

Create table Insert Tables In WordPress

You can also choose the alignment for your table from the alignment buttons at the top of the table block. 

Available alignments are: Left, Center, Right

There are ‘Wide Width’ and ‘Full Width’ display options. 

Once you enter the values and click create, a table will be created for you. 

Step 4: Edit the Table

You can now edit the content of the table. You can type text, enter values, add images, etc. 

editing table in WordPress Insert Tables In WordPress

As you edit, you will notice new editing options at the top of the block. 

Edit table options Insert Tables In WordPress

You can now add rows, columns, and delete them without needing to create a new table. Cool, isn’t it?

Also apart from the standard Bold and Italic formatting options, you can now add link in your table. If you click on the downward arrow for more options, you will see the following. 

extra table options Insert Tables In WordPress

You can insert code and image from here. 

Step 5: Configure Table with Block Settings

While you are using the Table block, you will notice the ‘Block’ setting option at the right hand side of your editor window. 

These Block settings help you customize your Table with options for Styles, Table Settings and Color Settings. 

Table Block Settings Insert Tables In WordPress

Styles Setting: 

The Default style creates the normal table. 

The Stripes style creates a table with alternate stripes. 

Stripes in Table Insert Tables In WordPress

Table Settings: 

Here you can set a fixed width for all the cells in your table with a single click. 

fixed width settings Insert Tables In WordPress

Color Settings: 

You can pick a background color for your table from the available colors in this section. 

background color Insert Tables In WordPress

That’s it. You now have a beautiful table in WordPress without using any code or plugin. 

Still, if you want to create great-looking tables and with more complex functionality, you could use a WordPress table plugin like wpDataTables. 

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