Evaluating pros and cons of investing in SEO

After so many years working in the area, witnessing products, brands and solutions that arise from nothing and became famous in their segments by investing in digital marketing, still amazes me how many companies underestimate the power of this form of advertising to leverage the business. And among the various actions, tools and digital marketing resources, perhaps the most neglected is just the most basic and fundamental, optimizing the site for search engines (SEO).

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In our day to day life, we analyzed dozens of institutional and e-commerce sites that impresses the vast majority of people but does not meet the minimum technical requirements to appear well positioned in Google searches. Besides ignorance, we are even more surprised with some contempt with which many entrepreneurs and even marketing executives are nourished by SEO. I recently heard the owner of a travel agency saying “investment in SEO is not worth it”. Shame on those who think that SEO is a dead investment.

This is a great activity that can help companies to promote their business in one of the largest showcases of the Internet worldwide.

If you still have questions, we gather here seven reasons to understand why it is beneficial to invest in your website optimization.

  1. Visibility: Recent research from 100 million visits to American sites found that 42% of traffic comes from the search engines. So if 4 out of 10 visitors are coming from Google, you are losing this potential to generate business;
  2. Credibility: To be positioned on the first page of Google, transform your company website by including the search keywords related to your products, solutions and services. It is a factor that lends credibility to your brand;
  3. Advantage over the competition: The SEO offers a great opportunity for companies to appear in front of larger competitors (and even market leaders) not invest in Google searches;
  4. Qualified Traffic: A well done SEO job improves the site’s positioning for relevant keyword searches, i.e. those used by people who are actually looking for your products and services;
  5. Cost-Effective: The SEO is one of the actions that have better value for money when compared to other digital marketing initiatives. It also presents great synergy with campaigns in Google Adwords, which helps to improve the productivity of ads or even reduce media budgets;
  6. Market intelligence: The SEO evaluation metrics serve as an important benchmark to assess market demand (number of keyword searches), competition (positioning in the polls) and interests of potential customers (site visits, shipping time, most sought after products and services etc.);
  7. Strengthening the brand: Unlike other actions involving advertisements, the largest investments required for SEO is related to the production of content (product descriptions, e-books, videos, infographics), which ends up reverting to the benefit for the company because they are durable and serve as reference for the brand.

Of course the results do not come for free. The SEO work is broad, ranging from programming to content (text, images, and videos) and information architecture (structure as the information is arranged on the site). It is dynamic because Google periodically make changes to the “weight” of the rules used to establish the positioning of websites. And relatively time consuming because the updates on all necessary processes take time and actual results depend on the Google index and can only be assessed with a minimum of 3 months of work. But the pro points and the inevitable setbacks added, the final balance in favor of SEO, is 7 × 3 still a rout!