8 Essential WordPress Plugins for Writers

Whether you’re a blogger, a journalist, or a lifestyle coach, WordPress is an excellent choice for your website’s CMS. According to 99 Firms, 35.3% of all websites use WordPress, with 805 new sites built daily. Also, there are more than 55,000 free WordPress plugins available, extending the CMSs lifespan far beyond its competition. WordPress is the right choice of CMS due to high performance managed WordPress hosting being very affordable.

This makes WordPress a versatile, approachable, and customizable option for writers of all calibers. But which plugins should you aim to integrate into your online business idea? How can these plugins help you become a better writer in 2020? Let’s discuss that right now.

1. Yoast SEO


Regardless of your choice of topics or writing style, you will still have to adhere to global SEO to build an audience. As your website grows and you add new features such as WordPress eCommerce or social media integration, DIY writing optimization will become more difficult. Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin built with search ranking optimization in mind. Any text you write will quickly be analyzed for its SEO performance. Yoast SEO will then provide you with insight into what you can improve before publishing your writing. It is a very lightweight and user-friendly plugin that any WordPress writer should have in his/her arsenal.

2. Editorial Calendar

Running a WordPress website goes beyond writing and publishing content. To build a stable following, you will need to schedule your blog posts in even intervals. Plugins such as Editorial Calendar can help you achieve just that. You can plan when your writing will be published, quickly edit its content, and monitor the status of each post. Editorial Calendar’s goal is to make writing a more organized and meaningful experience for you as the creator. Likewise, it will help you manage your time more efficiently, leading to better quality writing.

3. W3 Total Cache

While WordPress is quite resource-efficient and lightweight out of the box, you can improve its stability further for the sake of optimal SEO. W3 Total Cache is a plugin that will allow you to make adjustments to how your website performance is for new and recurring visitors. This is done through content caching and will also effectively minimize your site’s bandwidth requirements in addition to load times. Why would you use this plugin, you might ask? Because W3 Total Cache will significantly improve your SEO ranking, especially on mobile devices. In an industry as competitive as blogging, such an advantage is essential for success.

4. Social Pug

Blog writers are looked on fondly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Linked In. Using a WordPress plugin such as Social Pug will make it easy to share your writing on social media with a press of a button.

Social Pug effectively tracks the performance of each post you shared on social media and informs you of what you can do next. You can use cheap dissertation writing services or tools such as Readable or Evernote to write social media posts to market the writing more efficiently.

Don’t shy away from social media platforms and their multi-billion following – engage that ecosystem and attract new readers to your WordPress blog.

5. Comment Luv

The comments section of your WordPress website will quickly become a hub of interaction and discussion for the reader base. However, spam and unwanted comments are an unfortunate side effect of writing blog posts online. Enter Comment Luv, a specialized plugin built with traffic and engagement in mind.

It allows commenters to include their own blog posts in the comments they post and spark discussion. Likewise, it filters out unwanted keywords, spam links, and malicious content from your blog posts very efficiently. Improve the overall appeal and quality of life on your WordPress website with a plugin such as Comment Luv.

6. WP Inject

Multimedia plays a significant role in your writing’s appeal, especially in terms of SEO ranking. However, you must use original or royalty-free content to avoid copyright infringement and legal issues. If the former is not possible, WP Inject will help you find publically available images to use. You can go through a vast repository of high-quality images that can easily be implemented into your writing at any time.

Likewise, WP Inject offers several attribution options, which will allow you to say “thank you” to the original creator with a single click. Don’t search for free images by hand and risk stepping on someone’s copyright toes – use WP Inject instead.

7. Copyright Proof

Speaking of copyright, it’s pivotal that you secure your writing from any copycats on the internet. Every new post you write and publish can have its own copyright information embedded with Copyright Proof. The plugin is designed with the writer’s rights protection and will allow you to claim each original post as yours and yours alone.

Optionally, you can set the plugin to inform you of any copy attempts and whether the text has been published, partially, or entirely, somewhere else. This nifty tool is perfect for writers of all calibers as it will protect your rights on the web and provide you with a legal claim.

8. W Proofreader

Lastly, a writer is only as good as his punctuation and spelling. While simple in its idea, W Proofreader will ensure that no post ever goes live with a grammar error hidden within. The tool supports 15 languages and over 150 dictionaries in a variety of industries. Proofreading errors will gravely affect your WordPress blog’s SEO ranking, so make sure to avoid them at all costs. Run each text through W Proofreader before it goes live, and your reputation as a professional writer will be unscathed.

In Conclusion

While plugins are a welcome addition to any writer’s tool stack, your writing is still the most crucial element of your WordPress blog. Don’t be afraid to try out different WordPress plugins dedicated to writing before you settle for the perfect combination. Coupled with a hosting service such as Nestify, your WordPress blog’s success will skyrocket. After all, the only way to discover your next favorite plugin is to try out various options.

Bio: Dorian Martin is a professional writer and editor with a keen interest in writing research papers online. He is passionate about digital marketing, business development, and blogging, as he aims to contribute to his blog regularly. Dorian spends his free time catching up on trending industry topics and learning how he can improve his writing skillset in the future.

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