5 Best Free FTP clients for Mac and Windows

What is meant by FTP? FTP is an internet protocol. You can use it to transfer files between computers connected on the internet through TCP/IP connections. Using FTP, you can upload, download, move, copy, rename, and delete files on your web server. This comes in handy when you want to make changes (for example, upload […]

How To Remove Sidebar From Your WordPress Website

Remove Sidebar From WordPress Website

If you are designing a WordPress website, you know the importance of sidebars as a design element. They can help you achieve your goals and you can place widgets there. Yet, sidebars can also affect the user experience, speed, and performance on every page they appear. Sometimes you may not want sidebars in your web […]

Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Boost Website Performance

WordPress Plugins To Boost Website Performance

One of the disadvantages of WordPress is that it does not optimize website speed automatically. It appears that it is up to the user to take measures to boost the performance of the WordPress website he owns. As a WordPress user, there is much you can do to speed up your website, tune it for […]

Top 13 Tools To Optimize Images for WordPress

In this article, we will see how you can optimize images for WordPress. Images form a significant part of website content nowadays. Whether it is your home page, about page, or the blog page, images are everywhere. If the images load faster, your site will load more quickly. The time it takes for images to […]

WordPress vs Squarespace: 8 Crucial Differences

WordPress Vs Squarespace

You want to build a website for yourself, and you want to make it fast. While you surf the web to find ways to make a website quickly, you stumble upon Squarespace. Squarespace is a website builder that is known for its ease of use. Before you decide to go ahead with Squarespace, you should […]

Wix Vs WordPress – A Detailed Comparison

You want to build your website. Out of so many platforms out there, you are confused between Wix and WordPress. Wix is an easy-to-use website builder that also offers to host. WordPress is a full-fledged content management system that offers unparalleled flexibility. You need to understand the critical factors in the Wix Vs. WordPress discussion. […]

The Most Effective MailChimp Alternatives That You Can Go For

MailChimp Alternatives

MailChimp has been the irrefutable leader in the world of email marketing, and you can use the word “MailChimp” and “Email Marketing” correspondingly. Because of its user-friendly interface, and an impressive cluster of features, MailChimp has been the dominant email marketing tool over the years. This tool is so popular that it was used to […]

16 Free Tools for Website Speed Test

Tools for Website Speed Test

What good is a website if it doesn’t load fast? Your visitors will quickly switch to your competitor if your website is slow. Slow websites also rank lower in search results as speed is a crucial factor in SEO. So you must make sure that your website performance is optimal when comes to speed. Is […]

7 Best Small Business Accounting Software

Best Small Business Accounting Software

There is no business without the involvement of money. And where there is money, accounting follows. Every business needs to maintain its accounting. This is not just a legal requirement but a key to keeping your business running. Accounting offers you real insights into your business. In today’s digital age, where most companies work online, […]

20 Best Live Chat Software For Your Business (Free and Paid) in 2020

Best Live Chat Services 2019

If you aren’t using live chat on your business website yet, it’s not too late. Live chat is one of the most effective solutions to what today’s consumers demand: 24×7 support availability. If you are not there to answer the customer’s query at the time he or she visits your site, then you can be […]