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Project management, the process of guiding the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints, is a crucial aspect of the steady growth of an organization. Project Management enables small teams to work efficiently and produce desired results in due time.

Project management keeps everything cruising smoothly, on time, and on budget. When the planned time frame ends, the project manager may hold all the team members working on the project to finish on schedule.

In the previous article, three primary project management strategies were discussed. Every approach has its pros and cons, and a suitable method should be chosen depending on the complexity and deliverables of the project. While it may seem simple enough to understand and implement, taking the help of technology will always prove beneficial.

Various software can be used to implement the project management methodologies. They have been curated with perfection to suit the method and all the requirements that are essential for smooth implementation. So, here are a few software solutions for the top three project management strategies:


Atlassian Jira

This is one of the most remarkable and versatile software used for project management. Atlassian has undoubtedly done an impressive job coming up with Jira software packed with unique features. The software is compatible to work with all industries and provides unique solutions for every aspect.

Plan, assign, track, report, and manage are the core functions that Jira helps to solve. Jira Software provides a central hub for the coding, collaboration, and release stages. It can be configured to fit any project. Teams can begin with a project template or create their custom workflow. With all project information in place, reports can be developed to track progress, and productivity and guarantee nothing slips.

An excellent agile team moves quickly and adapts to changing requirements without missing many beats. Jira Software has major feature sets explicitly designed for agile, including Scrum or Kanban. So, when terms like boards, estimation, or cards, come up, it’s time to start thinking about how agile fits into your work practice.

Atlassian Jira provides users with three packages and a customizable plan for larger enterprises. The first is the free package. It includes a limit of 10 users who can access the limited features of the software for free. It is beneficial for teams who are adapting to project management tools. The standard package has crucial additional features, where 250 GB of storage and various advanced permissions are made available.

The next one is the premium package with unlimited storage and possibly everything one needs for collaborative project management. Jira has a personalized calculator that determines the pricing depending on the number of users. It also has an enterprise package, which is entirely customizable.

This is the second most popular project management software for Agile methodologies. It provides features like reporting, calendar, time tracking, planning, etc., which are suitable for any business size. It claims to have an easy setup that doesn’t require any onboarding training, saving new teams time and effort.

It allows teams to create an ideal workflow in minutes or choose from 200+ ready-made templates based on how real teams use Groups, articles, sub-items, and updates are synced in real-time to control everything within the context of the actual project, workflow, and process.’s seamless compatibility with all devices gives it a competitive edge over other Agile project management tools.

Furthermore, when working on crucial and confidential projects, the security of all data is vital. makes sure that the customers are provided with high-tech data security to avoid any breach. Customizable approvals help determine who can access what, including outside guests and vendors, to ensure the correct data is communicated with the right people and in the right place. has four pricing packages, with an additional enterprise package that is entirely customizable. The pricing of each package varies depending on the number of team members, and essential features are added while improving the packages.

The first package offers minimum features with a limit of two users at zero cost. The basic package provides file management, full API access, and a Kanban view. Moving to standard packages, automation and integrations are added to the feature list. The pro package is where the offerings are boldly highlighted. Advanced project portfolio management, integration with Slack, Microsoft, and todoist, and resource allocation and planning are the essential add-ons.




Indeed, scrum project management will require extensive and feature-packed software for perfect implementation. Scrum project management is complicated, and using the various online resources can ease the task. One of the preferred software for scrum management is OrangeScrum. It specializes in scrum management while also providing other essential project management tools.

Task tracking, content management, bug tracking, procurement management, and recruitment are some of the critical features of Orangescrum. It also aids in scheduling daily and weekly sprints, which are the basics of scrum management. Management professionals can take advantage of additional features like resource allocation, leave management, recruitment templates, and free project management e-books.

OrangeScrum has highly functional Scrum and Kanban boards that help with real-time task management. It provides one system for managing tasks, projects, and resources. There won’t be any need to switch between applications to collaborate or share a document. All the work is managed in one place.

OrangeScrum offers its customers four packages. There is, of course, the free version upfront, which has access to three users. The following package, startup, includes ten user access with Gantt Chart, User Role Management, and Invoice Management, priced at $8/month. The professional package allows you to customize the number of users and comes with additional features like Project Budget and Cost, Bug Tracking, and Skill Management. The last package is specially designed for customization and is aimed to provide services to big enterprises.



Infinity is probably the most versatile and flexible software application for scrum project management. It allows professionals to track each sprint, assign tasks to team, visually track progress, prepare assignments for future sprints, etc. Infinity offers four levels of organization that help you create the exact scrum online tool you need. You start with a workspace and then expand it by creating boards, folders, and items.

Infinity has multiple features to organize data in various ways by filtering, sorting, and grouping it. Moreover, it also allows you to customize all the attributes, making multiple uses of attributes convenient. It provides options like columns, tables, calendars, Gantt, form, and list, making the management process even more enjoyable and customizable.

The agile scrum software has a straightforward user interface with drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy for you to start working. Furthermore, using Infinity means you don’t have to build your project pipelines from scratch.

Infinity indeed has one of the most attractive pricing options. Like all the other project management software, it provides the customers with five options. All the options are structured with a one-time payment option. The team package is valid for five users, with primary and pro packages priced at $199 and $299.

With the increasing packages, the offers also start elevating. The startup package is priced at $299 and $399 for ten members. Similarly, for business and company packages, a minimum of seventy-two percent discounts is offered. is undoubtedly one of the go-to for scrum project management, provided the current offerings and pricing.



Though all industries do not use the waterfall project management strategy, those who do indeed consider Wrike for efficient management. It provides the best features and functions required for waterfall project management. The waterfall is a complicated methodology, so the software’s ease becomes exceptionally crucial.

One can easily track project’s phase or stage, understanding if it’s on track or in danger of missing a deadline. When sudden changes in resources or team capacity occur, you can easily make adjustments or reprioritize items with a drag-and-drop resource management tool.

With Wrike’s interactive software, one can share real-time, interactive reports and schedule notifications for report updates or reviews regularly, easily manage your daily work by dragging tasks to “New,” “In Progress,” “Completed,” and view your project schedule and set dependencies in real-time using drag and drop.

Wrike has four packages for its users. The first one is a free version for essential task management. The professional package is aimed at small and rapidly growing teams, offering project planning and team collaboration at $9.8 user/month. The business package is the most popular one. It is priced at $24.8 user/month and offers an entirely customizable platform for any team. Wrike also provides an enterprise package, whose details can be directly grabbed by contacting the company.



ProjectManager is the second most famous tool used for waterfall project management. Like many modern solutions, it does not limit features to a single methodology but makes multiple views available. Aside from its interactive Gantt chart, it also allows you to collect requirements and other documents with its unlimited file storage, track progress in real-time with dashboards, and repeat successful projects with templates features.

It provides ease for planning small projects with Kanban boards or long-term projects on the interactive Gantt chart. ProjectManager has understood real-world needs and has created the software perfectly to cater to multiple domains’ needs. It also has made integrations extremely easy, so switching between software and project management methods is not a tedious task.

Not limited to waterfall project management strategy, it also includes various features to manage projects by Agile and Scrum methodologies. ProjectManager has made a simple but effective dashboard, making the transition for new teams smooth and less time-consuming. ProjectManager offers robust resource management features to monitor schedules, resources, and teams in one platform.

ProjectManager provides three packages, starter, team, and business. The starter package is a free version for three members with basic features. The team package is priced at $11.5 user/month, offering team collaboration, managing complex projects, and tracking time and costs. Billing at $20.5 per user/month, the business package provides project and portfolio management, risk management, and workflows and approvals. ProjectManager also has an enterprise package for maximum customization.


These were some of the top-rated software solutions for effective project management. Though each software provides some functionality for all three types of project management methods, it is advised to choose the specific ones depending on the management strategy. Indeed, opting for effective and efficient project management software will aid in improving the quality of conduct and generate expected results from every project.

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