9 Tips To Get More Email Subscribers in 2020

How are your email marketing and the sign-ups for your newsletter? I hope you track the statistics and watch how you can take care of more bidders. In this blog post, I’m going to get more email insiders.

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Read through if you want to know how to get more email subscribers through opt-in boxes, landing pages and social media.

1. Add an email enrollment box

Each section of your site is important, but the more content you strategically place, the more chances you have to get site visitors to join your email list. Look at the statistics on which pages are most viewed on your site. In any case, place the email enrollment box on the 5 most viewed pages.

2. Add an opt-in box

You probably hate pop-ups and opt-in boxes that appear when you want to leave the site. Yet it is an effective means. Highly acclaimed marketers like Neil Patel indicate that they achieve great results using opt-in boxes.

Also, studies show that the use of an opt-in box leads to 400% more conversions.

Opt-in box

3. Use a landing page

Forward-looking companies like Hubspot use separate landing pages for newsletters. The advantage of separate pages is that you can put the pages well in the marketplace and that you can set up a separate SEO strategy for the pages.

Landing Page

It is also easy to optimize these pages through A/B tests. If you also want to try this, you should think of the following 3 points:

  • Call-to-action

At the top of the page, it must be clear what is useful for the page finder and why it’s important to sign up. It comes down to tight offerings. Tell in a single sentence what you have to offer to the target audience. If this is not strong enough, people will not register.

  • Recruiting text

An advantage of using a separate page is that you can explain why people need to subscribe to your newsletters. The text does not have to belong if you explain clearly why the newsletters offer value. In addition, doubt and offer advantages.

  • Social proof

People would like to hear and stay informed. The more credible and trustworthy you are, the more people sign up. Therefore, let’s see that many people have already registered for your newsletter.

Social evidence

4. Give away something

This works well if there is a certain relevance for the target group. You need a cleaner that’s so good that people like to give their email address, for example, e-books or white papers about your niche product. On the page where you set the pointer, first ask the visitors to leave their email address.

5. Add an opt-in to Facebook

With 9 million users, you’re no longer on Facebook? You can also use Facebook to get more subscribers for your newsletter. Within 20 minutes, you can add an opt-in page to your Facebook account.

6. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is next to Facebook and Twitter the most widely used social media network around the world. Therefore, attend your followers via LinkedIn on your newsletter. That can be quite simple by explaining the usefulness of your newsletter in a status update.

7. Create a video

Due to the increasing bandwidth, videos are increasingly watched and are more easily accessible to more devices. In addition, YouTube is the second search engine next to Google. So be visible on YouTube. You could also refer to a special landing page via YouTube (see tip 3) or to other content channels.

8. Offer value

Deliver relevant content for your niche. This will spread your knowledge and expertise and people will follow you sooner. Join the conversation about your field of expertise and offer value and relevance to your audience.

This content may consist of:

  • Think leader in your field of study;
  • concrete, practical quick wins, and tips;
  • whitepapers;
  • infographics.

9. Lead generation card

All previous techniques are free or at least with a small investment achievable. You can also use a small budget to get email notifications. For example, Twitter offers the lead generation card. With this tool, it is possible to enroll interested people directly from Twitter for your newsletter.

Lead generation card

Bonus tip:

‘Sharing is caring’ is a well-known statement in social media country. It also applies to your email marketing. People are best willing to share your content or marketing if they really find it worthwhile for them or for others. So feel free to spread your content in their network on your page or in your newsletters or readers.

Already started with email marketing?

Have you already started email marketing and have some tips? If you have any questions, I would like to hear that.

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