4 legal benefits of using a national cloud computing services

Hiring a foreign cloud computing service may not be the best option!

Cost reduction, efficiency in performing the tasks and security in data storage are some advantages that cloud computing services bring to your company. However, to enjoy the best of a cloud solution, you need a lot of caution when it comes to hiring the service.

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Through the internet, it is easy to get in touch and close deals with companies from anywhere in the world. However, opting for a national cloud computing brand guarantees legal advantages that can prevent many headaches for you and your business. See the list below for what they are:

1. The cloud computing services will follow the rules of the US

It is imperative to know the risks and legal consequences of storing data outside the national territory. As there is no specific legislation for cloud computing, in the case of filing information outside the country it is necessary to define which law will prevail.

One advantage of contracting a national solution is that the contracts will follow the rules of the American Civil Code. If there is a problem, you will not need to hire a lawyer to understand international laws and claim your rights.

2. The information shall be protected

Ensuring data security and establishing privacy limits is essential for hiring a reliable cloud solution for your business.

If the server is allocated in a particular country with strict policies, you must take into account that your company information can be accessed even without prior authorization, and you cannot do anything to avoid. Therefore, when adopting a national solution, the risk of this type of unforeseen event is minimal.

3. Contracts in the US

Establishing, in writing, the responsibilities of each are one of the first steps to ensure a high-quality service. Each clause in the service contract needs to be carefully reviewed to avoid unpleasant surprises.

For example, how do you set penalties for noncompliance with the agreement, power outages, or information leakage? When hosting in an overseas country, you need to check how the local government evaluates each type of incident with data storage. In the case of contracting an American cloud service provider, it is not necessary to go through this type of procedure.

4. Local Support

Unforeseen happen and can cost a lot more than you think. The ease of hiring the internet service does not mean that support will be equally simple when dealing with data center issues.

For example, when hiring a cloud that is allocated outside the country, there is the possibility that you have to get around and go personally to solve the problem. But if the company is headquartered in The US, the costs will be much lower if it demands a move.

Now that you know the reasons why should opt for a national cloud service, know the solutions of Cloud Computing and ensure all the advantages mentioned above!

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