20 Variants of Interesting Content for Social Networks in 2019

You do not know what to write for your connections on social networks?

Do not worry.. Such issues are faced even by experienced professionals who have been working in social media from a long time and finds it difficult to write an interesting, useful and relevant content.

We decided to help you in drawing up a plan for publications and collected 20 ideas for posts with small explanations. Use them and increase the activity for your subscribers.

  1. Use Quotes

Interesting and concise expression containing a clever idea, complemented by a beautiful picture, they will always get popular on the Internet. Such phrases can be found or can come from any sphere of business. Do not limit yourself to just looking for thoughts of great people. You can borrow a phrase from books, seminars, training. If possible, include the picture on the person, whose quote it is. This will attract more attention.

  1. Share a Book

You often read books? There is a large library in your office? This is an excellent opportunity to create a post for social networks. Tell people about new useful books that will help them solve a problem or to do business better.

These publications can safely complement the reference to the article with a detailed description of the book, or just give a link to a resource where you can buy or download the book for reading.

  1. Important Events

The team has a new man, celebrating a birthday, we launched a new offer, completed work on shooting the video – it’s a great reason to create a post. Tell subscribers about your company a little more. So you show that your organization is working with real people, as well as helps to establish a close and trusting relationship with your followers.

  1. Holidays and Celebrations

Celebration – it’s a great idea to make the publication for your connections. Find round or fun dates associated with your product or service. Think of a short description for the post and add a picture. This gets a good response from readers.

  1. Evergreen Content

If you have been working in the industry, you probably know that some rules and tips can be instantly obsolete. Others live for years, remain useful and relevant. Such long-lasting posts are called “evergreen content”.

Several months ago, I wrote about some important rules or recommendations. Write cases, add reviews or extend the recommendation of the Council. Now you can safely repeat the post.

Also remember that the trend in social media is changing very rapidly. Some users simply could not see your message. Repeat it after a certain period of time.

  1. Hashtag

Think about hashtag activity, for example, for the regular events in your social network. People like an unusual approach, and they do not want to look just at the logos and advertising.

  1. Gifts and Competitions

Conduct contests and giving gifts. This is a great way to attract the audience’s attention, increase its loyalty and attract new users.

Important Rules:

  • Before posting read the contest rules of social platforms.
  • Keep the terms simple so that the user does not have to perform feats.
  • Describe the conditions for on-site participation, where the competition is held. The user must know what to expect in the future.
  1. Work on the Issues

Of course, you’ve been working in the industry and know all about it. But remember that your clients may not know even the most basic things. This is quite a normal situation.

Publish posts with questions from real people, find the most frequently asked questions on their specialization and write posts including answers to them.

  1. Create Infographics

There is a lot of information on the topic? Wait, do not write a large and long text, create infographics. It’s an effective method of sharing information with people in a much better way rather than just writing text of the same volume.

Infographics: Visualize a fairly massive data and makes it possible to understand the whole picture on one relationship phenomena, the ability to assess their scale and analyze their effectiveness. People are willing to respond to this.

  1. Professional Humor and Jokes

Social networks: A place where people have fun and spend time positively. So funny posts are appropriate and in the film of your community. Interesting picture, positive phrase attract attention and increase user engagement.

  1. Beautiful Photos

Do not forget that most of the people love the visuals. This is a great reason to use collection of beautiful, high-quality photos. Take entire albums, or just lay a few shots on the wall. Just do not forget that it is necessary to adhere to the subject of the community.

  1. Share Links

Links: This is a very important part of the Internet. Therefore, to use them in your community – is very important. But do not overdo it. Daily publication with reference to the site will not attract the audience.

Become the expert for your readers. Let’s post the links to useful posts from other groups and communities, publish tweets and get acquainted with famous bloggers. Let your readers see how you have a broad outlook and know that you will give them a lot of useful information.

  1. Tell us about the Error

Remember that there are no perfect people. We make mistakes and it is common to all. Suppose a funny typo in the blog? “Killed” site and now will wait a week to restore it? Make Prt Scr and write about what happened. Let your readers know that you work with the same company and the same people.

These postings will help to remove the negative impact in difficult situations and will increase your credibility.

  1. Commercial Publications

Often companies on social networks make 2 errors. They either publish only advertising posts or make neutral publication on abstract themes, so that readers have to guess about the product and services of the companies.

Observe the balance of 20% of the messages for advertising publications and 80% for useful information.

  1. Polls

The survey: A great way to activate the audience and get to know their views on important issues. People love to feel experts. Give them the opportunity to express their views.

Polls can be conducted on any occasion. For example, it is necessary to make a button on the site, or to test the idea of a new service. Ask your subscribers what they are interested in.

  1. Test

Test yourself and once convinced with your high intellectual abilities, take advantage of this. Make an interesting little test with questions about your topic. Match commentary on each answer, to participate in the test can also be useful. Think about the results to be able to praise the person and recommend your services.

  1. Publish Examples of Your Work

As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times. Photos of your work are the best proof of professionalism. It is important for people and can help to gain confidence in the result. Photos will remove part of the experience and increase the level of trust.

  1. Do Case Studies

Case Studies: This is another great way to showcase your work.


  • What problem the customer turned to you;
  • What you did to solve it;
  • Achieved result in total;
  • How long it took;
  • If so, ask the client to add review for your work.

Such a detailed description will also increase the level of trust in your company.

  1. Upload Video

One of the most popular type of content on social networking sites – video. You can shoot and upload small videos about your product or service. Post free webinars, test drives, reviews of novelties and more.

  1. Make a useful compilation

Of course, nobody likes to read a lot and for a long time, but here “5 hellish errors in  advertising campaign that will kill your account” or “10 tips on how to write texts, from which it is impossible to break away” – read a lot.

These are simple ideas. We hope they will inspire you to write interesting and useful content for your Public!