15 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways

An important aspect of e-commerce transactions is paying for the purchased items. It is the part of the process where a seller can confidently say a product has been purchased since it has been paid for. It is basically the crux of e-commerce and what differentiates it from any other form of retail.

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For most e-commerce transactions, payment is carried out through the internet with the aid of online payment infrastructures known as payment gateways. A payment gateway basically acts like a financial channel through which money is safely transferred from the buyer to the seller for the purchase of a product or an item.

Why Are Payment Gateways Important?

As explained earlier, payment gateways function as some kind of internet portal through which financial transactions are executed. Without payment gateways, it will be difficult for a seller to receive funds for a purchased item since the buyer probably resides in an entirely different location. A payment gateway makes it possible for a buyer living in one country to pay for a purchased item from a seller living in another country. This would have been improbable or difficult if payment gateways didn’t exist.

Payment Gateways also help remove the veil of anonymity from internet payment transactions. During e-commerce transactions, it is nearly impossible for a seller to know the real identity of the buyer. Even if the transaction takes place with a registered user account, it just isn’t enough to ascertain the buyer’s identity.

This is where a payment gateway becomes quite valuable as it finally gives the seller peripheral access to the buyer’s banking information, which may be different from the user info. This helps to foster a transparent e-commerce process, ensuring that both buyers and sellers continue to have confidence in e-commerce transactions.

WooCommerce Payment Gateways

WooCommerce is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms and the default e-commerce solution for online businesses built using the WordPress platform. The WooCommerce plugin blends perfectly with the WordPress website, often adopting the theme used for the default platform.

There are several payment gateways that can be used with WooCommerce. Most of the gateways have cross-platform capabilities that allow them to equally function on a variety of e-commerce platforms.

This article will, however, deal with the best payment gateways for WooCommerce sites. Many things should be factored before you choose one for your site. While preference should, of course, be high up your list, the value of a payment gateway to your customers should also not be neglected.

How these WooComerce Gateways Are Evaluated

There are some common features among most of the reputable payment gateways that are out there. All the payment gateways in this list offer some sort of protection against fraudulent activities. They also accept quite a number of payment methods.

The features that differ, however, include the cost of processing individual transactions, the processing services, and the management and sales features.

With this in mind, the following parameters were used to select the payment gateways in this article:

Retail POS System Integration

This is important for sellers as it ensures that they are still able to sell items to buyers in person without the use of cash.

Subscription Support and Marketplace Payments

Service websites that sell monthly or yearly subscriptions need a payment gateway that can handle recurring payments for non-physical items.

Accepts All the Popular Payment Methods

Credit cards and variations of e-wallets have become the default payment methods online. An ideal payment gateway must, however, be able to process other popular payment methods like bank transfers, ACH payments, and PayPal.

Support Several Merchant Platforms

If you are thinking about setting up a merchant shop, you need a payment gateway that is able to work with various merchant account providers. This way you won’t have to be on multiple platforms to earn decent revenue.

Enables International Payments

This is crucial for every e-commerce business as it increases your prospective customer pool. A payment gateway that is enabled for international payments is able to carry out currency conversions and also process international cards.

While all the WooCommerce Payment Gateways in this list are all quite capable of carrying out basic functions, the ideal one for you is dependent on your site’s specific needs. What you must consider most is your sales needs and the needs of your customers.

Here are the best WooCommerce payment gateways for you to consider:

  1. Stripe
  2. Square
  3. PayPal Standard
  4. Paypal Pro
  5. PayPal by Braintree
  6. Authorize.net
  7. Amazon Pay
  8. Alipay
  9. 2Checkout
  10. Sofort Uberweisung
  11. Payfast
  12. WorldPay
  13. Sage Pay
  14. eWay (for SG,MY,HK, AU & NZ customers)
  15. Elavon (for North America Customers)

1. Stripe

Stripe is one of the biggest payment gateways on the internet and a huge competitor of the renowned payment platform, PayPal.

The competition Stripe gives the world’s most popular payment platform is perhaps no surprise since its mode of operation is basically identical to its much-revered rival. There are areas where Stripe brings something different to the table though, particularly when it comes to the execution of e-commerce transactions.

For starters, Stripe offers much better support for subscriptions and metered billings. This is quite valuable when your store only sells digital products like e-books, videos, and mp3 etc.

The payment tool also allows you to store pertinent customer information. This allows you to have access to very strategic data that can be used for your robust marketing strategy.

Another area where Stripe’s performance outclasses that of PayPal is in customer support. One of the complaints PayPal frequently have is inefficiency in customer service delivery. This often leads to a lot of users whose complaints are unattended to.

Despite its amazing potential, Stripe still has some flaws that hinder its performance a bit. This is perhaps where PayPal has an edge over the platform.

Pros of Stripe

  • Support for subscriptions
  • Support for metered billings
  • Allows access to customer information
  • It can be easily integrated with WooCommerce

Cons of Stripe

  • It is only available in a limited number of countries
  • It is still second to PayPal in terms of popularity

Available Regions

Stripe accepts payments from anywhere in the world. For businesses, though, it is only available in 26 countries, which are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. You can request an invite from Brazil, Mexico, and India.


Stripe charges 2.9% commission on every transaction and an extra 1% if it involves international payments.

2. Square

Square is a payment gateway that offers an all-in-one service. It is one of the few payment gateways that process all the popular credit and debit cards. It perfectly integrates with the WooCommerce platform. It also comes with other useful tools like a suite for inventory, sales, and management. All these incredible tools can be installed for free.

Aside from facilitating online payment for goods and services, the payment gateway also accepts credit and debit cards for payment transactions in physical stores as well as mobile devices and online invoicing.

The integration of Square with WooCommerce allows you to combine all data across every sales channel like in-store, online, mobile as well as inventory into a massive system. If what you seek is the best in terms of omnichannel retailing then Square is probably the best solution for you.

It offers low-cost and effective payment solutions for small businesses and start-ups that wish to optimize sales.

The service rates for Square are among the most competitive you’ll find and they are often flat rates without extra account charges.

Pros of Square

  • It is the best payment solution for small businesses and start-ups
  • It can be installed for free
  • It perfectly integrates with the WooCommerce platform
  • It allows you to combine all payment components of your online store in order to create one huge data centre.

Cons of Square

  • Although Square does allow recurring payments as part of its invoice settings, it isn’t enabled to accept payments for subscription purposes. This may be an issue for websites that offer subscription-based services.
  • Square is also unable to carry out currency conversions automatically, which can be a challenge for international transactions. It does, however, list prices in your local currency.
  • Its biggest flaw, however, is its inability to carry out market pay-outs due to the absence of a marketplace payment tool. It is one drawback that makes it less viable for merchants in online marketplaces, unlike PayPal and Stripe.

Available Regions

Technically, Square is available to users located in all countries across the globe. Converting currencies for international transactions can, however, be a huge problem especially if none of the popular payment methods is being used.


You won’t be paying any monthly fee as well as payment gateway fee if you use stripe. It does charge a commission of 2.9% for every transaction made.

3. PayPal Standard

This has to be the default payment gateway for new online ventures and even freelance businesses. It is trustworthy and effective; hence, it guarantees the completion of every payment transaction. Its operation is also swift and it supports the transfer of funds from a buyer to a seller.

If what you want is a quick payment solution that can be easily set up and is available worldwide, then there is really no other option apart from PayPal Standard.

Apart from facilitating basic payments online, PayPal Standard also supports a variety of other services. Like Square, PayPal enables in-person payments as well as the use of a virtual terminal. To, however, be able to carry out these types of payment transactions, you must manually enable both services in your PayPal account. Virtual Terminal isn’t enabled in a Standard PayPal account.

What can you do with PayPal Standard?

With PayPal Standard, you can directly accept PayPal payments and receive paid funds instantly. It also allows you to receive payment via credit or debit cards with the aid of PayPal’s highly-secured checkout window.

Setting up PayPal on the WooCommerce platform is probably the easiest thing you’ll ever do as the payment gateway is developed to perfectly integrate with the popular e-commerce platform.

All you need to do after installation is to connect the gateway to your PayPal account during the setup process.

PayPal also offers a bespoke credit system that allows users to make purchases for later payments. Sellers don’t have to worry about chasing any debt as they are paid immediately.

It is just an incentive that can be used by sellers to boost sales and draw in more prospective buyers.

PayPal is a universally accepted payment gateway, which is why it actively processes lots of international payment transactions without any hitch. It is also able to convert currencies with ease as the platform accepts 25 different currencies.

Non-profit organizations prefer to make use of PayPal Standard as their payment gateways because it slashes its processing fees for organizations and companies that are non-profit.

Pros of PayPal Standard

  • Easy to install and set up
  • It is globally accessible and accepts all international payments\
  • The processing fee for non-profit organizations is well-reduced
  • Payments are instantly deposited
  • It is well-secured to protect both buyers and sellers from fraudulent activities.

Cons of PayPal Standard

  • PayPal Standard doesn’t support the use of a virtual terminal
  • It also doesn’t support recurring payments
  • Though PayPal offers a multi-vendor marketplace feature for WooCommerce, it doesn’t support it without approval for integration.

Available Regions

It is accessible in all countries across the globe; though, the degree of accessibility varies from country to country.


Setting up a standard PayPal account is free. There is a transaction charge that varies between 2.7%-2.9% though. For international transactions, the service charge per transaction is 4.4%.

4. PayPal Pro

PayPal Pro is a premium version of the PayPal platform that offers even more incredible features than the standard version. While it does help to execute basic online payment transactions like the payment of items and services, it also has lots of different tools that are absent from the Standard PayPal account.

As its name suggests, you will have to pay a subscription fee to have access to a PayPal Pro account and the subscription payment is often done monthly.

Pros of PayPal Pro

  • It is also globally accessible and allows you to receive payments from buyers internationally
  • Payments carried out through the PayPal Pro platform are instantly deposited.
  • The platform is well-secured and this ensures that fraudulent activities are prevented.
  • The processing fee for non-profit organizations is well-reduced
  • It supports the use of a virtual terminal
  • It supports recurring payments

Cons of PayPal Pro

  • It requires a monthly subscription fee of $35
  • You will also have to pay an extra $10 if you want recurring payments to be enabled.

Available Regions

It is accessible in all countries across the globe; though, the degree of accessibility varies from country to country.


Subscription costs $35 monthly; though, transaction charges are identical to that of PayPal Standard.

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5. PayPal by Braintree

If you don’t just want to accept PayPal payments alone but also want to directly accept debit and credit card payments as well as other payment methods like eWallets, Venmo, ACH etc., then this payment gateway is definitely the best option for you.

Braintree is a payment service that provides you with an awesome payment gateway, which fully integrates with your e-commerce website. It differs from conventional PayPal gateways in the sense that it perfectly merges with your site’s pages. PayPal Standard payment gateway has not integrated in this manner; instead, it appears as a popup button when a buyer clicks the checkout button.

PayPal by Braintree is also an all-in-one payment solution. It does offer some of the best prices you will come across and also has some remarkable features.

If you want to be safe in the knowledge that your WooCommerce site will accept any payment method used by buyers then this is the best option for you. You are not just able to accept conventional credit and debit cards, you can also receive payment via various eWallets used by reputable tech companies e.g. Google, Amazon etc.

All these payment methods are incorporated in the Braintree checkout page, which is seamlessly integrated with your WooCommerce site.

In terms of international sales, PayPal by Braintree expands on the capability of both PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro. While those platforms can process transactions in up to 25 currencies, Braintree takes it up a notch by offering payment capabilities in over 130 currencies.

It is even possible to display the local currencies of your international customers when they visit your site. This can be done with the aid of a plugin called Aelia Currency Switcher. This is a feature that can’t be seen on any other payment gateway.

Like PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro, your customers can make purchases using PayPal credits. This option is also integrated with the checkout page for easy access.

Pros of PayPal with Braintree

  • It accepts payments from multiple payment methods
  • It can process payment transaction in over 130 different currencies
  • It allows the display of local currencies

Cons of PayPal with Braintree

  • No virtual terminal
  • It doesn’t support offline payment via POS machines and card readers

Available Regions

It is accessible in all countries across the globe; though, the degree of accessibility varies from country to country.


Same rates as PayPal Standard (transaction charge 2.7%-2.9%, international transactions charge 4.4%. )

6. Authorize.net

Authorize.net offers a degree of flexibility you can never get from any other payment gateway. If you wish to integrate your merchant account on an online marketplace with a unique payment gateway, then Authorize.net lets you do that easily.

Linking your merchant account directly to a payment gateway lets you have direct control over the rates you will be charged. This ensures that you only get the best rates for the payment gateway service being rendered to your business.

Authorize.net is also the ideal solution for online sellers who consistently process payments in excess of $25,000 monthly. It helps such sellers to save money that would have been otherwise wasted on payment of processing fees.

This impressive payment gateway perfectly works in cohesion with your WooCommerce platform to optimize the payment process and of course, boost sales.

Authorize.net also accepts a wide range of payment methods including conventional cards and other online payment mediums. This wide range of payment options also makes it an ideal payment solution for international transactions.

If you make use of a retail store but wish to expand to an online store, Authorize.net allows you to make use of your original store account for your online business. This ensures that both your offline and online stores are in sync with each other, and processing payments through either medium goes through effortlessly.

If you also make use of the right POS solution, you will be able to collate your entire store’s data and store them for future purpose. This can be done with the aid of the prominent bookkeeping tool, Quickbooks.

Pros of Authorize.net

  • It is more flexible than most alternative payment gateways
  • It accepts almost all notable payment methods including credit and debit cards, ACH, eWallet, and even PayPal.
  • It is an ideal payment gateway for thriving stores that are growing faster
  • It seamlessly blends your in-store operations with your online platform, ensuring that purchases made on either platform go smoothly.
  • It enables the sale of items and products to international buyers.
  • Processing fee can be significantly lower

Cons of Authorize.net

  • One major challenge facing this payment gateway solution is its ease of use. Despite having an interface that is quite relatable, navigating your way through transactions can indeed be a burden.
  • Setting up an account is also a pain in the neck. It requires that you set up accounts in both Authorize.net and a merchant service provider, connecting the former to your WooCommerce account.
  • Unlike most all-in-one payment gateway solutions that work in perfect cohesion, Authorize.net still suffers from a bit of inefficiency. It, however, makes up for this flaw with low processing fees.

Available Regions

It is accessible in all countries across the globe.


It costs $79 per to subscribe to this tool and $25 per month for the payment gateway.

7. Amazon Pay

This is the default payment gateway of the biggest e-commerce website on the internet. It helps to fast-track the payment process in Amazon’s marketplace, ensuring sellers are rightly paid for purchased products.

With the company now a global e-commerce brand, its payment gateway has transcended from just a native payment solution to a multi-platform payment solution that can be incorporated into any e-commerce website.

It has also become quite popular because the millions of Amazon users prefer to make use of its payment gateway even when buying items on another e-commerce website.

When you integrate Amazon Pay with your site’s checkout page, buyers only have to enter their Amazon login details to transfer funds from their Amazon accounts to you. It is a simple method that helps to expedite the checkout process, which will be a lot more complex if a buyer has to enter credit card details and personal information during checkout.

Amazon Pay is a free tool that perfectly integrates with WooCommerce and also links your visitors’ Amazon data with their respective orders.

Amazon Pay also avoids a lot of payment bottlenecks that often accompany many of these payment gateways. It doesn’t matter what kind of payment method your visitors use during e-commerce transactions; as long as it is a payment method that is used in Amazon, the transaction will go through and you will receive your funds directly from Amazon.

Apart from the sales of physical items, Amazon Pay also provides support for subscription-based businesses. You, however, need to acquire the WooCommerce subscription plugin for a fee of just $199.

Like PayPal, Amazon Pay gives concessions to non-profit organizations by slashing the processing fee for the individual transaction. The payment channel also has several mechanisms in place to help prevent fraudulent activities and protect both the buyer and the seller.

Pros of Amazon Pay

  • It can be used to process payment with a variety of payment methods
  • It expedites the payment process and ensures every transaction is carried out swiftly
  • Since many e-commerce patronizers have Amazon accounts, processing payments with Amazon Pay is a lot easier
  • Amazon Pay perfectly integrates with your WooCommerce store so you do not have to worry about compatibility issues
  • Non-profit organizations are given percentage discounts.

Cons of Amazon Pay

  • It is mandatory for your users to have Amazon accounts before it can be useful
  • Amazon Pay can’t be used as your only payment option because many web users don’t have Amazon accounts and many others prefer using PayPal

Available Regions

It is accessible in all countries across the globe.


The payment account and the payment gateway are completely free. You do have to pay a 2.9% commission on each local transaction while international orders charge a commission of 3.9%.

8. Alipay

This is a mobile payment solution that is renowned in China and its environs. It helps in facilitating the instant payment of goods and services with just the aid of a mobile device.

Services like Alipay are quite common in China due to the sheer volume of e-commerce transactions that are carried out on a daily basis.

Though its central market remains in China, Alipay has begun branching out to more western markets in a bid to increase its market share. It, however, has a lot of ground to cover if it is to compete with the likes of PayPal.

If you, however, want your e-commerce business to have access to the lucrative Chinese market, then integrating Alipay is certainly a must otherwise, you will struggle to capture buyers located in that region.

Its features are pretty much identical to most those of payment gateways; though, it can only be integrated into the WooCommerce platform with the aid of the plugin, Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway.

Pros of AliPay

  • It offers a reliable payment gateway for buyers based in China and parts of East Asia
  • It can be perfectly integrated with WooCommerce with the aid of a plugin or extension known as Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway
  • It can be accessed for free though there are certain features that can be unlocked with a premium account.

Cons of Alipay

  • It is yet to gain a sizable market share in the west. It isn’t really the best option for you if a majority of your customers come from western countries.
  • There are quite a few flaws in its performance that limits its capacity to aptly execute payment transactions.

Available Regions

This payment gateway mostly caters to people in China. It does offer its service to international customers, though, the efficiency of its performance can’t be guaranteed.



9.  2Checkout

This platform is quite similar to the popular payment channel, PayPal. It also has a lot of things in common with one of the thriving alternative gateways, Stripe.

Like the more illustrious payment gateways, 2Checkout can be installed and setup for free, and there is no need for a premium version as all the vital features can be accessed in the free version.

What makes 2Checkout stand out from the rest of its competition, though, is its capability to process the sale of digital products as well as recurring website subscriptions. This is one feature most of the popular payment gateways lack or only offer premium users.

This alone puts 2Checkout at the top of the payment gateway list for subscription websites. It should also be at the top of your list if you’re looking to sell digital products like e-books and mp3s.

2Checkout caters to international buyers just like most of it competition, though, it does charge an extra fee for transactions carried out by such buyers.

Another feature of 2Checkout that is quite impressive is the capability of the payment gateway to process various payment methods including credit and debit cards as well as a variety of eWallet options.

2Checkout can be easily integrated with your WooCommerce store to create an efficient checkout page that aptly converts your web visitors into satisfied buyers.

Pros of 2Checkout

  • All its features can be accessed for free and you do not need to buy a premium plugin
  • It accepts payment from both local and international buyers
  • It accepts payment for both physical items and digital products
  • It can be used by websites that offer recurring subscription services
  • It can process multiple payment methods

Cons of 2Checkout

It has an extra charge of 1% for international sales

Available Regions

2Checkout has a global reach, providing payment gateway solutions to over 200 countries.


It is free to install this tool. Like PayPal it charges 2.9% + $0.30 for each payment.

10 .  Sofort Uberweisung

All the payment gateway solutions that have discussed so far handle the transfer of funds via credit or debit cards and other forms of online transfer. There are not many online solutions for those who want to transfer funds directly from a bank account to another through a process known as wire transfer.

Sofort Uberweisung is one of the few reliable payment options that allow the transfer of funds via wire transfer.

It is commonly used in Europe where this form of payment is widely accepted due to a well-streamlined banking setup across the continent.

Sofort banking helps you to receive payments for purchased items via wire transfer. Buyers can simply log in to the platform, input necessary bank details and proceed to carry out the transaction.

It is both straightforward and transparent, ensuring that no fraudulent activities occur during payment.

It is also easy to incorporate this payment channel into your checkout page. All you have to do is install the Sofort Payment Gateway and you should be good to go.

Pros of Sofort Uberweisung

  • It promotes transparency in payment
  • It can be easily incorporated into your checkout page

Cons of Sofort Uberweisung

  • It is only an ideal option if you’re solely targeting the European market
  • It isn’t a viable payment option for a serious e-commerce platform

Available Regions

Only available in countries within Europe


Cost of each transaction is determined by the paying bank.

11. Payfast

This is basically South Africa’s answer to the online payment giant, PayPal. It provides a safe and secure channel through e-commerce transactions can be carried out with no hitch. This payment gateway service, which was founded in 2008, is basically the default payment channel for most South African online merchants.

It allows buyers to make payment for various goods and services through various payment methods including credit and debit cards. It also offers a special EFT solution that guarantees the transfer of funds from a buyer to a seller without a card.

Pros of PayFast

  • It is a decent alternative to PayPal
  • It can be perfectly incorporated into WooCommerce
  • It allows payment even without the use of a credit card or debit card

Cons of PayFast

  • It is only available to users who are located in South Africa
  • It doesn’t process international payments

Available Regions

Only available in South Africa


Free to install and a percentage commission on each transaction like PayPal

12. WorldPay

As the name suggests this is a global payment gateway that processes numerous financial transactions across the world. Previously known as Streamline, the renowned payment processor serves hundreds of thousands of businesses in just the US. It also has numerous partners scattered across the globe.

WorldPay processes billions of transactions on a yearly basis and is also able to execute payments in 126 different currencies.

Despite the huge volume of transactions it processes, this payment processor barely commits any error or suffers any technical issue. It is definitely one of the most reliable options out there for merchants who want a payment system.

The platform can also be easily integrated with the WooCommerce shop, ensuring that your checkout page is highly optimized to convert prospective buyers.

Another benefit of using WorldPay as your payment solution is the virtual terminal it gives you so that you can transform your computer into a debit card or credit card terminal.

Pros of WorldPay

  • It serves online merchants scattered across the world
  • It is able to execute payment transactions in 126 different currencies
  • It can be easily integrated with the e-commerce tool, WooCommerce
  • It can also be integrated with the data processing tool, QuickBooks
  • Along with its online payment solutions, WorldPay also provides in-store payment solutions like POS payments.

Cons of WorldPay

Early termination of contract terms will lead to a financial penalty

Available Regions

WorldPay operates globally


Prices range from 0.99% to 2.60% depending on the transaction being carried out.

13. Sage Pay

Sage Pay is another renowned payment gateway that helps online merchants to receive payments for sold items. The platform specifically targets medium-sized businesses as well as small ventures. It provides a convenient payment process that helps to boost the customer-merchant relationship.

One feature that makes this payment gateway unique is its emphasis on security. With many small businesses regularly suffering from hacks that target their payment systems, having a trustworthy payment channel is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Sage Pay gives you peace of mind as it guarantees the security of your customer’s private information.

Pros of Sage Pay

  • It can be perfectly integrated with WooCommerce
  • It allows payment through virtual terminals
  • It enables the use of in-store payment methods like POS

Cons of Sage Pay

It isn’t globally known so it may be difficult convincing your visitors to use it

Available Regions

It functions globally


Price ranges from 20 pounds a month to 45 pounds

14. eWay

This platform was developed by a company based in Australia. It basically links a merchant’s website with his or her bank. It accepts a variety of payment mediums, including credit and debit cards. It can transfer such payments straight into the bank account of the merchant.

Setting up the platform is relatively easy, and you can start receiving payments 6 days after your account has set up.

Pros of eWay

  • It is easy to set up
  • It integrates perfectly with WooCommerce

Cons of eWay

It is not globally accessible

Available Regions

It only serves a few countries including Australia and New Zealand


eWay charges a commission of 1.6% per transaction

15. Elavon (for North America Customers)

This is a credit card processor that services numerous merchants across 30 countries. Most of its users are, however, based in the USA.

What makes Elavon a unique payment gateway is its capability to process payment transactions without the use of a third-party channel.

Its platform can be easily incorporated into your site’s checkout page and is also able to process various credit card brands.

Pros of Elavon

  • You are not charged any fee for early termination of the contract
  • There is a full range of services offered by the platform
  • Installation is free

Cons of Elavon

  • Its terminal leases are expensive
  • There are hidden account fees that you aren’t made aware of

Available Regions

Though it globally accessible, most merchants are based in North America


2.65% plus $0.19 commission on every transaction

The right gateway for your business depends pretty much on how your business operates. Some gateways support multichannel access while others have a global reach. Depending on the versatility needed, you can select any of these gateways. Which gateway do you prefer? How was your experience with the last gateway that you used? Do let us know in the comments.

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