11 Top Rated WooCommerce CRM Tools In 2019

In any business, customers are the all in all that determine its success. Without a well-oiled business-customer relationship even the brightest business venture will suffer from a crash in revenue. This is also true for e-commerce websites that directly offer retail services to consumers through the internet.

For e-commerce platforms, customers basically determine the revenue they make. This is because web visits alone isn’t enough to generate income, the sites must also be able to convert those visitors into buyers.

An e-commerce website that is serious about handling its customer relationship properly must have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool it uses. Without this tool, it becomes so difficult to oversee customer activity and this can lead to a drop in the site’s conversion rate and overall traffic.

What is a CRM Tool?

A CRM tool or software basically helps online businesses, particularly e-commerce websites, to manage customer activities. In an e-commerce website, CRM is responsible for organizing and managing every aspect of retail that directly affects the relationship of the online shop with its numerous customers.

The activities that are mostly carried out by customers of an e-commerce website include purchasing products, checking product information, and requesting support. All these activities can indeed be controlled with the aid of CRM software.

WooCommerce CRM

If you’re using WooCommerce for your online store, you’ll agree that there is just so much information to keep up with. This is because the popular e-commerce platform is equipped with a variety of retail tools.

One way to efficiently manage your WooCommerce platform is to make use of WooCommerce CRM. With so much happening on your e-commerce website, it can be quite tasking to keep an eye on every detail pertaining to customer activities.

Not only are you bothered with boosting traffic to your web platform, you’re also regularly monitoring important KPIs that will help you improvise your marketing strategy. This is why WooCommerce CRM is very crucial for the success of your e-commerce platform.

Why You Need WooCommerce CRM

The principal use of WooCommerce CRM is to sync all data on your WooCommerce platform together including customer data, product data, orders, and other minor details.  Of course, a lot of this information is already available on the platform. CRM, however, makes them easily accessible so that you can optimize your site’s performance and at the same time improve customer relationship.

If your CRM tool fails to sync with WooCommerce, important customer data will not be accessible, which will definitely have a negative effect on customer relationship.

Here are some important reasons WooCommerce CRM is a must have:

  • With WooCommerce CRM, you have access to more impactful customer stats like the amount each customer to your website spends on average.
  • The tool also makes customer support easily accessible as you can provide email and live support to every customer without a single hitch.
  • CRM tool allows you to tag every transaction carried out on your e-commerce platform so that you can easily monitor its status.
  • You are also able to see every order that is made on your platform.
  • WooCommerce CRM is quite useful in the area of lead management as it ensures that you aptly carry out all marketing campaigns.
  • Finally, with WooCommerce CRM you’re able to isolate customer records from general WordPress details.
  • The incorporation of CRM doesn’t mean you’re ceding WooCommerce duties to the management tool. You still get to manage your entire online store from the WooCommerce platform. Every aspect of customer-relationship, though, is now under the supervision of the CRM software.

There are several WooCommerce CRM solutions available for e-commerce websites. The ones discussed in this list are definitely among the top rated tools for you to consider.

  1. Zero BS CRM
  2. Metrilo
  3. Agile CRM
  4. Ninjodo
  5. Salesforce Connector for WordPress WooCommerce
  6. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager
  7. Sales AutoPilot for WooCommerce
  8. WP ERP
  9. WP-CRM System
  10. ActiveCampaign
  11. WooCommerce Integrations with Email Platforms

1. Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM is an open source management tool that is specifically developed for WordPress users. It is completely free to download, though, the developer also offers add-ons that cost some money. The software is quite robust and also practical. It is ideal for e-commerce websites that simply want a basic CRM solution without any extra baggage.

It is definitely one of the best CRM software for e-commerce entrepreneurs that have lean budgets they don’t want to exhaust. Its low cost, however, doesn’t negatively affect its performance as a CRM tool. In fact, in terms of customer interaction, Zero BS CRM is one of the best for an e-commerce website.

The concept behind the development of Zero BS CRM is simplicity and effectiveness. It was created as a more basic alternative to the dozens of CRMs that are just too complex and also expensive.

This software is not only easy to install, it can also be easily managed by any individual with basic I.T knowledge. The plugin can be acquired at no cost from the WordPress directory and its basic features are enough to manage the customer relationship of any website.

There are other functionalities that can be incorporated into the management tool to optimize its performance. These functions are accessible via extensions that can be purchased at various prices.

If you’re upgrading the basic Zero BS CRM software, then you must pick up the premium version of the Woo Sync extension tool for just $49. With this tool, you’ll be able to add more powerful extensions to the software.

Here are some of the add-ons you can incorporate into the Zero BS CRM software:

  1. Customer support ticket
  2. MailChimp tool for email marketing
  3. Bulk tag tool for transaction keywords
  4. Sale History from Envato
  5. Google Contacts integration
  6. Stripe
  7. Contact Form 7
  8. And Gravity Forms

The cost of each add-on varies with price, ranging from $29 per year to as much as $129 per year. But as mentioned earlier, it is still possible to successfully run your e-commerce store with the free basic tool. With the free version of this tool, you’re capable of performing various customer-related tasks like sending quotes, managing leads, and also generating marketing leads with the aid of lead forms.

Here are a few ways Zero BS CRM stands out from the rest of the competition:

  1. Free software with powerful basic features
  2. Its premium Woo Sync extension provides a seamless sync with WooCommerce, which helps in delivering accurate analytics function
  3. Aside from its premium sync extension and other add-ons, the developers of this tool also offer customer support and community access.
  4. It is a stand-alone CRM tool that is completely self-hosted
  5. With aid of various Zero BS CRM APIs, this software is able to connect with other services
  6. It has a mobile function that doesn’t only make it accessible via mobile devices but also allows the development of other mobile apps.
  7. Its free features are all essential to customer management. They include transactions, client portanl, invoices, lead generation, B2B mode, customer management etc.

2. Metrilo

There are some CRMs that are specifically developed for WooCommerce so as to increase compatibility and also improve analytics solutions. Metrilo is definitely one of the best tools that belong to this category of CRMs.

The demo of this tool is available for free if you wish to check out its features and of course, assess its performance. Its full version, however, is quite pricey with its lowest package available at $59 per month. This will give your management support for about 10,000 visitors.

If you have far much bigger traffic, then you can try the enterprise version, which costs about $299 a month and provides CRM support to over 180,000 monthly visitors.

The biggest thing Metrilo brings to the table is its incredible combination of CRM with email marketing. It simply functions as a hub where all e-commerce marketing processes are effectively executed.

Though it is originally developed for the WooCommerce platform, Metrilo can also be perfectly integrated with Magento and Shopify.

Here are a few ways Metrilo stands out from other CRM tools:

  1. It can be perfectly integrated with WooCommerce and other popular e-commerce platforms
  2. It allows you to send emails, manage customers, and also check analytics data from the dashboard.
  3. With Metrilo no visitor is left unaccounted for. You also get to investigate useful details like cart abandonment, customer interaction with products, and customer segmentation.

The email marketing section of this software includes the following options: automation, custom domain, segmentation and personalized emails.

The analytics section of the tool allows you to measure product performance, total revenue, and customer retention. You also get to check the status of each order and the preset sales funnels.

3. Agile CRM

This CRM software can be used on any of the popular e-commerce platforms. It does, however, have a unique version that can be specifically integrated with WooCommerce. Its WooCmmerce version has certain tools that may not be found on other platforms. They include web engagement, intelligent workflows, and customer management

Agile CRM is certainly one of the best customer management tools you can find on the market. What also makes it very popular is that you can use it for free if you’re only catering to a very small customer base (not more than 10).

But even its premium versions are quite affordable as its starter package can be activated for just $8.99 per month while its more revered version is accessible for a price of $29.99.

There are 4 main segments in this CRM tool, which are marketing, service, sales, and extras. Each segment has specific customer management features that are crucial.

The sales segment has lead scoring and custom data fields while the marketing segment is composed of a form build and an email campaign management tool.

The extra segment harbors other useful micro tools like a helpdesk and 50 additional plugins.

Here are a few ways Agile CRM stands out from other CRM tools:

  1. A free plan for e-commerce sites servicing not more than 10 users
  2. Premium plans that are affordable for struggling start-ups
  3. The whole CRM system accommodates every aspect of e-commerce including marketing, service, sales, and extra.
  4. It has a helpdesk feature that tackles canned responses, labels, groups, and of course, reports
  5. Email and phone support accessible to all of its users
  6. The CRM tool can be integrated with external apps like Strip, Shopify, and even Google
  7. The tool also has a Chrome extension for a seamless blend with the popular browser
  8. Its marketing segment is perhaps the most powerful you will ever find with tools like landing page builder, email template builder, social media monitoring and marketing automation incorporated.

4. Ninjodo

If you’re looking for a CRM tool that is ideally tailored for small online stores and retail sites, then Ninjodo should definitely be first on your list. The software is perfectly optimized for increasing sales as well as simplifying emails.

There are three pricing plans for you to pick from with the cheapest being $49 a month. You, however, get to test the system to see if the tool is for you. The three pricing plans basically correlate with the financial status of your online store and you’ll only get to the 3rd phase if the two lower plans yield successful results.

Here are a few ways Ninjodo stands out from other CRM tools:

  1. All plans incorporate client engagement forms, email templates, and lead capture forms
  2. This CRM platform is renowned for its impressive live chat support, training videos, and step-by-step guides
  3. It is definitely one of the easiest CRM tools to manage with a clean UI and fewer pertinent features
  4. It allows the real-time view of orders and also syncs customer details with order information.
  5. It integrates external tools like Google Drive and Xero Accounting
  6. It is enabled for mobile devices and also allows the control of your CRM from your mobile phone via an app.

5. Salesforce Connector for WordPress WooCommerce

Salesforce connector Dashboard

This CRM tool can be purchased for a one-time fee of $199. If you want regular support, you will have to sign-up online at an additional cost.

The tool operates by connecting SalesForce to WooCommerce. It syncs with your WooCommerce products while your customers are directly connected to the Sales Force platform. It also supports all Sales Force versions and provides you with real-time data.

Here are a few features that make this CRM stand out from the rest:

  1. Its customer support is quite impressive
  2. It basically links the most popular CRM tool with the most popular WordPress plugin
  3. The orders are synchronized at the checkout stage
  4. It creates a global network for your e-commerce business via cloud computing.

6. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

WooCommerce CRM

This is available for just $49 on CodeCanyon. It is a quite popular CRM tool with a very little flaw; though, its poor customer support is a lingering challenge. Nevertheless, most people should be able to carry out its installation without help from the tool’s support team.

It allows the bulk messaging of customers and also logs in any call or email interaction that is made with a customer,

Here are some features that make this CRM tool stand out:

  1. It integrates perfectly with advanced custom fields, which enables unlimited numbers of field
  2. Google Map display on all customer pages
  3. It allows the import and export of customer details so that you can know your sales progress
  4. Its user page dashboard is very practical and quite easy to use
  5. It integrates perfectly with the Subscriptions extension.

7. Sales AutoPilot for WooCommerce

With Sales AutoPilot you can integrate a stand-alone CRM tool with WooCommerce. This often costs about $14 a month, though, it is also dependent on your email list size.

Features that are incorporated into this CRM solution include affiliate tracking, helpdesk segment, and simple email marketing.

Here are some features that make this CRM tool stand out:

  1. It is has a lot of marketing tools that are absent in other CRM software
  2. It can facilitate the development of a membership site platform, which contains various access levels and a password reminder feature.
  3. It is simple to install and only requires that you copy a code from Sale AutoPilot
  4. Sales AutoPilot perfectly integrates with a lot of popular billing tools.


WP ERP CRM Solutions for WordPress

WP ERP is a free plugin that provides basic CRM, HRM, and accounting solutions. It can be used by small or larger enterprises. The tool with over 9,000 installs and numerous positive reviews allows you to sync both customer data and order details with it.

Its premium version can be acquired for $99.

Here are some features that make this CRM tool stand out:

  1. It supports about 44 currencies
  2. All WooCommerce orders and transactions can be accessed directly from the CRM
  3. The automatic export of new customers to the CRM list and Accounting list
  4. It helps create a dynamic customer list using up to 22 different filters
  5. It allows CRM agents to track WooCommerce orders

9. WP-CRM System

WP-CRM System plugin

This free CRM plugin allows WordPress and WooCommerce users to aptly manage customers, tasks as well as projects.

Apart from English, this tool is also available in Spanish, Polish, and Russian. It has a premium version that cost about $199.

Here are some features that make this CRM tool stand out:

  1. It gives you quick access to all customer information
  2. Its support is one of the best you’ll get for a WordPress plugin
  3. You have quick access to the order history of each customer
  4. You can create a new order easily with just access to the customer’s order record

10. ActiveCampaign

This is a popular CRM service provider that perfectly integrates email, marketing, and sales tools with your WooCommerce platform. It helps you to effectively monitor customer activities so that you can nurture your relationship and retain your customers.

It is also equipped with all the necessary micro tools that will help you to manage new and existing customers.

11. WooCommerce Integrations with Email Platforms

This involves the integration of an email platform with your WooCommerce store. It is very effective and allows you to run your WooCommerce store like a basic CRM tool. You can easily collect customer data with this setup and also automate your email campaigns.

Here are some examples of this setup:

  1. WooCommerce and Drip
  2. Aweber WooCommerce Integration
  3. MailChimp for WooCommerce

Nowadays, WordPress CRM has become a must if you want to know your customer behavior and tap the growth opportunities. There are many CRM tools available in the market. More are being added every day. Have you tried any one of these tools? How was your experience? Do you have any favorites? Do share in the comments.

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