10 Tips to Improve your WordPress Blog

Action learning is an intrinsic human dynamics. Being in practice and dedication are indissoluble conditions for progress in any field. The same applies with blogs. Until you create your own and experience each of its features, you will not know how you can match each.

Once you make your mind to create a blog, and before you start writing posts, it is advisable to set up (effectively) the options offered by the free version of WordPress.com. Nothing will let you portray your knowledge of a given subject area if you cannot exploit exponentially.

How to Boost your WordPress Blog?

1. Think about the domain name (a good and easy one)

Make it easy, whether it is to select a professional name as your domain name or in case you choose to bet on your personal brand, use your name and surname (prevent nicks, nicknames or “original” names). Neither you can imagine what SEO can do for you if you decant for that option! Thus, you will facilitate your name out on the front pages of search engines index by Google.

2. Have your own logo

Avoid generic icon that WordPress offers default (the W) next to your URL. It is advisable to have a self – image, whether the logo of your company (corporate profile) or a picture your face (personal branding). To do this, go to Settings> General> change your icon and customize it.

3. It shows who you are

Dedicate any tab [page] from the main menu to display your name, what you do professionally, what are your goals … With a photo of you, it will provide more credibility and closeness. Are you are not yet aware of the importance of the profile picture on social networks to configure your personal brand?

4. Configure social media icons

Make the channels visible in which you are present. A tip: put only those that you used at a professional level. Not putting more will be better. In the free version of WordPress.com you can get dizzy to find how.

The trick?

Go to Appearance> Widgets> text and inserts the corresponding HTML codes.


5. Add a contact form

In addition to the social media icons, it is advisable to provide a new page [Add Contact Form ] to enhance direct contact. This can help you to get feedback from readers and can also receive consultation requests from those who want to contact you for business purpose.

6. Make the subscription option visible

If you want your blog to be read, you must facilitate the dissemination. The subscription via email is a great tool, but if it is not visible, you lose potential readers. To do this, customize your widget bar by going to > widgets> Follow Blog.

7. Displays only the first paragraph of your post

It is very common to access the start of a blog and find the entire content of each of the posts. Did you know that only the first paragraph offering creates more interest for readers? To do this, insert  <! – More-> or press (Alt + Shift + T) tag after the introduction. The same applies to subscriptions by e-mail; if the reader gets the full text, will read in the mail directly and come on your blog. To configure this option, go to settings> reading> Show, for each entry in the feed> summary.

8. Make the most of the SEO

Label, name and correctly describe your texts and images. Use keywords in your sector (do not forget to include them in the headline) lists explanatory points, highlighted phrases in bold … If you do not write in this light, your blog will not get the visibility that it could have.

9. Link your blog to your Twitter account

If you have not yet enabled this option, when someone shares one of your posts in Twitter, it will get linked to @wordpressdotcom by default. Want you to be mentioned as the author of that content? To change it, go to settings> share> add your Twitter profile.

10. Tell Google that you are the author

To tell Google that you are the creator of content, must link your Google+ account to your blog, and vice versa. For detailed steps, see the specific tutorial by Google. Remember; also link your Google+ profile with Google Authorship. Thus, Google will come to know about the author of the article. In past, when the posts appeared on Google search, the photos were to appear next to the text to show that you (and only you) were the creator of that content, unluckily it was discontinued by Google for some reasons.

We hope these tips will be helpful for you.  What other tricks do you have to promote a blog? Share with us, we all will learn more.