10 Mind-Boggling WordPress Statistics That You Should Know

10 Mind-Boggling WordPress Statistics That You Should Know


Be it a new kid in the field of development, or an industry stalwart with years of experience to back him, they’ll all say the same thing – WordPress is the most preferred and best suited CMS today! WordPress is like the Oscar Winning Actor every year, for displaying its features time and again, consistently since it was launched through the efforts of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Well, every great story has some greater facts! Here are 10 ‘mind-boggling’ statistics about our favorite CMS…


  1. WordPress is the magic wand used by 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs: Let’s say there are more than a few content management systems to choose from, yet close to half the people who manage popular blogs use WordPress as their CMS. The popularity of WordPress is defined in the fact that large companies like The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, and eBay use it to manage their respective blogs!


  1. A whopping 6 million websites function only because WordPress is alive: What would the internet do without WordPress when such a large number of websites are managed using WordPress! While more than 70% of websites all over the world are managed without implementing any specific CMS, this figure speaks tones about the market share of WordPress amongst the remaining 30% websites that use a CMS.


  1. Keywords related to WordPress influence 37 million searches per month on an average: Now that is just awesome! When was the last time you heard that a certain ‘thing, person or object’ accounts for such huge number of searches per month, and too on a consistent basis? More importantly, keywords related to WordPress are searched 5 times more as compared to Joomla, and 9 times more if compared with Drupal!


  1. Not English? No Probelmo! WordPress has 40 translations: The best thing about WordPress is the fact that it keeps evolving! Although most sites prefer English to be the language for presentation, WordPress makes it possible to manage blogs, portals, and business websites in Croatian, Dutch, French, German, etc. Besides, the team is constantly at work to include newer languages in this list of 40.


  1. WordPress is the oxygen for 22% domains newly registered in the US: That is some number! From among 100 new domains registered in the US, 22 run on WordPress. The domain registration business sees 120,000 new registrations on an average per day, and going by the logic it is clear that the number of websites made on WordPress as against those made using another CMS is greater.


  1. Most Unique Visitors in the United States: For one, WordPress.com is not a commercial website! Yet, when it comes to comparing the number of unique visitors per month, it stands ahead of Amazon (US), the biggest e-commerce player in the industry. While WordPress receives 126 million unique visitors per month, Amazon records only about 96 million unique visitors per month.


  1. Small Army, Great Deeds: It might appear strange but the employee strength of WordPress.com is 229! If mathematically compared with Amazon.com, WordPress.com has 130% unique visits per month, whereas it employs a very small percentage of employees as compared to the 88, 400 number of people working at Amazon. This stat just makes us say ‘wow’!


  1. Every Second Counts 5.7 New WordPress.com Posts: On an average, 5.7 posts are published on WordPress blogs all over the world, which converts to around 342 posts per minute, 20, 520 posts per hours, 4, 92, 480 posts per day, and it can go on to around 7.49 million posts per year. The simple and appealing form of WordPress has had an impact on many in all these years!


  1. Thousands of Plug-ins: There are more than 29, 000 plugins available in the WordPress Community, which is undoubtedly the most for an open source Content Management System. The number of times WordPress plugins have been downloaded exceeds 286,000,000. Moreover, a new WordPress plugin is added every hour, making it the most sophisticated CMS for corporate blogs.


  1. Business Tick WordPress as Their Choice: In an extensive and unimaginable internet with a uncountable number of websites, the top 1,000,000 sites feature WordPress as the most used CMS. Out of the business websites present in this category, the number of WordPress sites is 5 times the number of news websites managed using WordPress. This simply points out that every business is somewhere looking to utilize WordPress for their respective purposes.



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